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Meeting Information


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held at Youth Guidance Center Cafeteria 375 Woodside Ave San Francisco, CA 94127

The minutes of this meeting set forth all actions taken by the Commission on the matters stated, but not necessarily the chronological sequence in which the matters were taken up

1. (ACTION) Roll Call
The meeting was called to order by Comm. Dupre, in the absence of the President. Comms. Bonilla, Ricci, Grossman were present at the gavel. Comms. Richard and Chuck arrived at 5:40 pm and 5:50 pm, respectively.
2. (ACTION) Review and approval of February 27, 2002 meeting minutes
The minutes were approved as written.
(public comments) None
3. (DISCUSSION) Chief Probation Officer’s Report.
a. Status report on Juvenile Hall replacement project
Chris Bigelow was not present so there was no report.
b. Status report on Fiscal yr 02-03 budget process
Ed Lopatin reported that the Dept’s budget went in to the Mayor’s office and they expect it to be forwarded onto the Bd of Supes without alteration. In April the Bd of Supes will be holding their series of hearings regarding the budgets. There is no word on whether Level Two cuts will take place.
Current status of fiscal operations: In a recent meeting with the Controller, the Dept is holding pretty steady on its spending. Coming in somewhat higher in OT and salaries/fringe, but have some surplus in non salary items, so should end up evened out at the end of the fiscal year.
c.          Highlights from last Commission meeting to present
· Report on the Casey Foundation Conference in Portland, Oregon 1/23-1/26/02
The Chief reported that there were about 30 people from SF who went to the conference, 17 of them as a team from the Dept. They had a chance to talk briefly to an MIS person from Portland, Oregon, who is doing the JDAI project there, and she has agreed to come look at the Dept’s MIS division and offer her suggestions for how it can be improved to meet the needs of the JDAI. The Chief had no details about specific hardware or software available.
· Tour by Coleman Advocates and Mayor’s Criminal Justice Council 3/12/02
· Tour by Commissioner Rolando Bonilla 3/12/02
· Budget Hearing - Board of Supervisors Public Works and Public Protection Committee 3/19/02
· Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council Meeting on AB 1913 3/20/02
At this meeting, the JJCC voted to continue funding the currently funded programs, with MYEEP absorbing about 5% reduction (equal to the reduction in funds for upcoming fiscal year).
· Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative Stakeholders Meeting 3/20/02
There is a draft of a new risk assessment (intake) instrument, which they will be testing against the current form, to see if any differences occur as a result of the new assessment.
· Juvenile Probation Department Management Retreat 3/22/02
The Administrative policies and procedures manual has been completed (in the main) and this was a full day training on it for management.
d.          Special report
· Update on San Francisco Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative
James Bell was not present when the item was called, so Cassie Coleman recounted the progress to date, in setting up subcommittees and what their tasks were. James Bell arrived during the presentation and stated that he had no special presentation to make but was available to answer any questions the Commission might have.
Comm. Grossman commented that it was not acceptable to have a presentation such as this, or any report, accompanied before hand (in the timeline set forth in the Commission’s rules: 7 days in advance of the meeting) by written materials so Commissioners had the opportunity to read and digest them, in order to be able to ask reasonable questions. There is no way to be given the materials at the time of the oral presentation and be able to understand what is being reported.
Comm Richard asked about the structure of the group, from Executive Committee to the Workgroups. He laid out how each is represented and how they inter relate to each other.
Bell mentioned that SF is doing this a little differently than other places that have the Initiative. SF is dealing with the issue of disproportionate minority confinement at the same time they are looking at reducing the total numbers of detainees.
Comm. Ricci also echoed Comm. Grossman’s concerns about having written materials well in advance of any oral reports. She moved to continue this topic to the next Commission meeting, where they can be prepared to have a dialog. It was seconded, and upon voice vote, passed 6-0. It will be agendized for the April meeting. Comm. Dupré also asked for a list of the stakeholders.
Bell said that despite the periodic reports from himself and the JDAI group, the way to get a true understanding of what’s going on would be to establish a liaison from the Commission, who would attend/participate in the JDAI work.
Comm. Grossman stated that she had requested to be informed about these meetings, but has yet to be. She thought that having even a 1-2 page summary of the work in advance of the Commission meeting would be very helpful; not being given the written material at the time of the presentation as was the case tonight.
Comm. Dupré asked the Dept to give minutes of the Executive Committee to the Commission so they can keep abreast of what is happening. He said he’d defer to the Commission President as to how he would deal with the question of a liaison between the Commission and the JDAI workgroup.
He also stated that he was concerned about DMC and wanted to be kept updated on that aspect of the work.
He asked the Chief for a list of the attendees from the Dept team at the Casey conference.
(public comments)
4. Public comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile Probation Commission.
The Writers’ Workshop, which works with youth at LCRS, brought examples of work by youth in the Dept, some from a recent showing called Co-lab. Two LCRS youth, who are in the Poetry Slam finals, which will occur next Friday, the 5th, at SomArts, were present and they each recited one of their poems, to the great appreciation of the audience.
The Commission thanked the Workshop and the youth for their work, encouraged them to continue developing their talents, and wished them well in the Slam.
Christopher Lane, an artist who helped create the murals on the walls of the hallways in Juvenile Hall, in his 20+ years of work with the youth in JH, expressed his great disappointment and anger at how the majority of those murals, done with youth in JH, have already been painted over and destroyed (without his knowledge), and asked the Commission to allow him to speak to them regarding the two remaining murals, which he would like saved. He left copies of materials (news articles) regarding this issue. The Commission directed him to raise this issue via the Facilities Committee, and directed the Secretary to include him on the next Facilities Committee meeting agenda.
5. (ACTION) Motion to retroactively approve the acceptance and expenditure of $120,778.00 from the Board of Corrections for STC training.
Comm. Chuck asked how we got into this situation where a retro active action has to be taken. Nicole Shaw-Owens said that in the past, these funds came through the Sheriff’s Dept and Adult Probation, and this is the first time the funds are coming to this Dept directly.
The Chief explained that either in the budget process, the Budget office or Controller neglected to reflect the revenue in its books so the Dept didn’t draw up a resolution to accept or expend it. This is not new money, just funds which traditionally come to the Dept to pay for STC training for staff. On motion and seconded, the question was called, and upon voice vote, carried 6-0.
6. (ACTION) Review of the protocols for the LogCabin Ranch School Advisory Committee
Upon advice from the City Attorney’s office, the Program Committee Chair requested this item be tabled until the next Commission meeting in April.
Comm. Grossman again raised the question of why the protocols were not available for preview before tonight’s meeting. The re-revised version had not yet been done. It is still under review and he (Comm Richard) will be talking to the City Attorney about it.
(public comments) None
7. (ACTION) Consideration and possible action to approve Dept. anti harassment policy/procedures for detained youth
The policy is still undergoing refinement and it was directed at yesterday’s meeting that the policy would be presented at the April Commission meeting for approval.
(public comments) None
8. (DISCUSSION) Committee Chair Reports
· Program Committee: report on the discussions held in meeting of Mar. 19, 2002
Comm Richard briefly recounted the items talked about at the Program Committee (mins available on line at
Comm. Chuck asked if a report on PrIDE could be given to the full Commission at the next meeting. Comm. Grossman commented that this probably would be better left at the committee level and if other Commissioners wanted a more intimate understanding of it, they could go to the Program Committee to hear the reports directly. She personally felt comfortable with the Program Committee taking oversight of this.
· Finance Committee:
There was no current update
· Personnel Committee:
This was part of item #7 above.
(public comments) None
9. Public comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile Probation Commission None
10. (DISCUSSION) Announcements, requests for future agenda items.
Comm. Ricci reported that she and Comm Richard had a very good visit to the CARC and Huckleberry Youth Services, arranged by Gary Bierenger. She thanked him for his efforts. Comm Richard also thanked Gary.
Comm. Chuck asked how requests for visits to CBOs would be handled, through the CPO’s office? The Chief said he could handle that if the Commission so wanted. But unannounced visits are certainly within the purview of the Commission.
Comm. Dupré asked the Commissioners to think about which community they would like to hold the May Commission meeting in.
He asked the Chief to explore with MCJC a time when they could come and report to the Commission regarding the future revenue picture for juvenile justice in the City.
Comm. Grossman just wanted assurance that all tabled items from this meeting are agendized for the next meeting. She appreciated the presentation of the Writers’ Corps and asked that other CBOs do likewise, eg. representatives from YCD, or others to show the Commission what they are doing and accomplishing. This is personally very satisfying and helps validate the value work of the Commission.
Comm. Dupré asked the Program Comm Chair to explore the potential of meeting with the student council at LCRS.
Comm. Bonilla asked the Commission to consider doing some sort of employee recognition at the Commission meetings. It was commented that the Chief has done this before, but Comm. Bonilla wanted this to be something the Commission does, and not the Dept.
11. (ACTION) Adjournment
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:17 pm.