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Held at Youth Guidance Center Cafeteria

The minutes of this meeting set forth all actions taken by the Commission on the matters stated, but not necessarily the chronological sequence in which the matters were taken up

1. (ACTION) Roll Call
The meeting was called to order at 2:20pm by the Chair. Comm. Aramburo, and Grossman were present at the gavel. Comm. Dupre was excused.
2. (ACTION) Review and approval of Program Committee meeting minutes April 25, 2001.
Minutes were approved as written.
3. (ACTION) Consideration of recommending to the full Commission, renewing the Children’s Baseline Programs’ contracts, as follows
Comm. Arámburo thanked those CBOs who were present and also thanked Lonnie Holmes and John Knox for the work in putting together the report. She further commented that these were difficult times as the Dept tries to move forward with the CBOs, in the face of other detractors who continue to presume that the Dept works exclusive of, and at odds with the community. She thanked the agencies for their hard work and emphasized that it is critical for them to speak out to the Bd of Supes in support of the continuing joint work represented by these contracts. Finally, Comm. Arámburo explained that the language of the recommendation had changed to specify that the amounts recommended were "up to a maximum of", given the current flux of the Dept’s budget review process.
Comm. Arámburo stated that from the report it appears that service levels are up and recidivism is down, and there were no significant deficiencies noted by Dept staff. She was pleased and encouraged by this and said that this would facilitate the work needing to be done at this meeting. (A copy of the Dept’s assessment of the CBOs is available from the Community Programs Division office).
Intensive Home Based Supervision          
          Bayview Hunter’s Point Foundation ($65,000)
          There were no negative comments.
          Community Youth Center (formerly Chinatown Youth Center) ($65,000)
Comm. Arámburo asked whether their request to expand to serving at risk youth could be supported with funds outside of the IHBS funds? Can there be something the Dept does to facilitate this?
          Morrisania West ($65,000)
          Potrero Hill Neighborhood House ($65,000)
Lonnie Holmes applauded this contractor on its work, given their new staff. He also mentioned that some of the agencies’ staffs have been able to attend conferences that help them increase their effectiveness.
          Instituto Familiar De La Raza ($65,000)
          Vietnamese Youth Development Center ($65,000)
          Office of Samoan Affairs ($65,000)
There were no public comments. Comm. Grossman made a single motion to recommend all above contracts to the full Commission, and Comm. Arámburo 2nd. Motion passed, 2-0.
Home Based Detention
          Mission Neighborhood Centers ($138,600)
Moved to recommend to the full Commission and 2nd, motion passed.
Mentorship Program
          Ella Hill Hutch Community Center ($65,000)
          YWCA/Come Into the Sun Mentorship Program for Girls ($65,000)
          Moved to recommend to the full Commission and 2nd, motion passed.          
Peer Counseling
Potrero Hill Neighborhood House ($52,500)
Comm. Grossman asked if there was a conflict of interest, her being on the Bd of the Omega Boys/Girls Club. L. Holmes said that the contract is with the Potrero Hill Neighborhood House, so there shouldn’t be. Given this, Comm. Grossman moved to recommend to the full Commission, and 2nd, the motion passed.
Preplacement Shelter
          SF Boys and Girls Home ($202,125)
          Space continues to be a problem, they are limited by bed space so cannot provide enough services to both sexes. All the youth there attend Bay High School (offsite). It seems to be working out well.
          Moved to recommend to the full Commission and 2nd, motion passed.
Status Offenders Shelter
          Huckleberry Youth Advocates ($622,710)
          Moved to recommend to the full Commission and 2nd, motion passed.
4. (DISCUSSION) Public Comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the
Juvenile Probation Commission.
There was none.
5. (ACTION) Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at 3:10pm