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Meeting Information


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1.         Roll call


President Stiglich called the meeting to order at 5:40 PM.  All Commissioners were present at the gravel except Commissioners Ricci & Albright (Commissioner Albright arrived at 6:00 PM). 


2.         Public Comment.


No public present.


3.         Review and Approval of Minutes from March 12, 2008 Meeting

Change on reporting of prior meetings/minutes approved by all.


4.         Review and possible approval of selection criteria and procedures for hiring the Juvenile Probation Commission Secretary


Secretary:         PT but concern on quality of resume.

Salary:              cut in half

Posting             SFgov website 



                        City has contracts with recruitment companies.  Ms. Magee will provide list


Ad hoc will review resumes and work with Ms. Magee and "bring" candidates to Commission. 

Recommendation to bring top three to full Commission.  Then vote as full Commission, This is done in closed session.  Target good population that will stick around for a while. 

Changes to job description:


  • Not to target a development person but to add language to assist with grant writing
  • Telecommuting
  • Computer and web proficient will add phrase


Rojas:   flex time


Public Comment.




Motion to go forward with:

  • PT flex based on hourly salary for classification
  • Posted on SFgov website and other avenues used
  • Ad hoc will review resume and will bring to Commission top three
  • Telecommuting OK in certain occasions and computer savvy
  • Motion carries with no opposing votes
  • Who is going to determine hourly rate?


5.         Updated report regarding fiscal issues involving Juvenile Probation Commission bank accounts/funds.


            Ms. Magee:      Still finding out

                                   Controllers office investigating

                                   We do not know who is responsible for funds

                                   Commissioner Beijen would like to continue investigation

                                   Grant was not authorized by commission or department

                                   YGCIC does not know anything about funds

                                   Commissioner Beijen good to know that controllers office is on it.

Public Comment.




6.         Reports to the Commission


a.         Chief's report


(i)         LCR clean-up


DPW - Director

Former Judge

Head of new greening operation

Re-new committee

LCR - added to regular clean up schedule


meeting scheduled for next week




Rec & Park



Translate to develop into program that teaches skills

Supervisors informed

Appearing in front of Supervisors to present vision and asking for capital improvements

1 maintenance guy

1 water treatment guy

Great event

Perfect weather

Greening project

See documents from CPO (1st day)


Second day:

  • Community service: police recruit class
  • Joanne, coordinator – great job
  • Interaction by counselors: 19 front and center, 1 reluctant youth.  (talked to former director) – changed his mind
  • DPW there
  • Everyone had a great story to tell at the end
  • Saturday – police recruits stay behind then play basket ball with kids
  • Kids were doubtful at first
  • Life changing moment
  • Keep story and more chapters added


(ii)        Population breakdown


(iii)       Incident last night staff attacked by youth with a shank

  • Staff member OK only cut on neck


(iv)       Summer safe plan

awareness employment

identify high-risk youth

engaging youth

recreation activities

probation officers to meet

Patton:              What do you need us to support?

  • Representation from commission
  • ICR development
  • Re-entry
  • State bonding? great assistance
  • Summer safe plan (Lonnie Holmes)


b.         Committee Reports

Ad hoc:            Discussed before, nothing else to report.

            Will try to get goals finished


            No meeting held.


            No meeting held.


Public Comment.




7.         Scheduling of items identified for consideration at future Commission meetings:


            Joint meeting with other departments that share our work.


            Population breakdown 

            Initiatives that need support

            John Torres invited to present on CRN


8.         Adjournment at 6:35 PM