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Meeting Information


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1.     Roll Call

        The meeting was called to order at 5:35 pm by Comm. Julian.  Comms. Hale, Shimko, Dupre were present at the gavel.  Comm. Aramburo arrived at 5:50 pm.

2.     Review of May 26,  1999  meeting  minutes

        Comm. Julian made some editorial amendments. On p1 there was a typo.  On p2  he added "always" to "....nice to receive"  and in regards to his attendance at the DPOA mtg he placed a "period" after ‘continues'.

3.     Chief Probation Officer's Report:

                     Chief Williams began by introducing the President of the Volunteer Auxiliary, Kathleen Kelly, who he presented a copy of the check from the estate of Florene Friedlander, which will be used for further educational support of youth from this Dept.  Both he and Pres. Julian thanked her and the Auxiliary for all their fine work.

a.  Budget Information (Operations and Capital Improvement)

b. Progress report

    The Department's annual report is done, as a compilation of years 97 and 98.  The forthcoming annual reports will return to the single year format.  The Chief asked if the Commission had any other information it wanted included, please mention it.  Comm. Shimko asked that this report be put on the Commission's next agenda for discussion.  Comm. Hale asked the Chief to break out figures for regular felonies, serious felonies, and misdemeanors.

    The Chief said that the Department's action plan is ready and available for discussion, and he would accede to whatever format the Commission wishes to review it.       

    Parallel discussions along with the action plan, will be the placement system.

c. Highlights of the month

    Christmas in April came back to do work on the main floor.

d. Review of May monthly statistical data;

e. Emerging Issues/upcoming events

    A date has been chosen to hold a seminar on Balanced and Restorative Justice: July 23.

    12 new POs have been hired, so now all probation division openings are filled.  Positions in JH are being completed also.  

    The Youth Guidance Center Improvement Committee is now dismantled, and will be reconstituted with a new Board of Directors, and bylaws.  The Chief asks that a member of the Commission play a role in constructing that new facade.

    The Chief asked T. Mtambuzi to talk about the increased incidents of suicidal behavior in the hall.  Mtambuzi reported that there has been about 10 attempts in the last month and a half, vs 5 for the whole of last year.  When Comm. Julian asked how many youth were involved in the 10 incidents, Mtambuzi changed his initial number and said that there were 9 incidents, involving 8 youth. 2 females, 6 males.  Quest:  did any of these occur due to copy cat practice?  No.   Basically it was discussed that there are significant issues of mental health of the youth, anger, and having inappropriate detainees in the hall (eg. youth returned from St. Mary's Hospital).  There needs to be more attention paid to the problems, perhaps from a spiritual counselor dealing with violence and anger management (some of the incidents occur as a result of being disciplined by staff).      There is a broad concept of attempt, used by this Department, where in other locations some of the behaviors included here would not be considered attempts.  

    Rev. Dunbar commented that sometimes the impetus for suicide attempt has nothing to do with the quality of life in JH.  But there needs to be more support staff that deal with the immediate response necessary in such incidents.

4.     Discussion/Action Items:

a.  Consideration and possible action to contract with the Asian Pacific Islander Wellness Center (amount:  $49,000) for family oriented services.

     Comm. Hale began to recount the process followed by the Program Committee, which included the approval of the MOU between the Department and the SFUSD/Samoan Community Development Center to operate another program.  The total funding comes from the TANF pot of money (total amount $154,000), and is being split between the two.

     Under advisement of John Kennedy, Deputy City Attorney, the MOU did not need an action by the Commission. 

     As a result, Comm. Hale reported that the Program Committee approved contracting with the API Wellness Center.  Three representatives from the agency did a short presentation on their service plan (see the minutes of the Program Committee meeting).

     There was no public comment.

     Comm. Hale moved to approve the contract.  Comm. Dupré seconded.  The question was called, and upon voice vote, passed unanimously, 5-0.

5.     Public Comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile

        Probation Commission.

        Representatives from the Arts Commission and the Writers' Corps came to briefly explain their program and involvement with youth in this Department (an MOU between the Department and these two parties is being implemented this year).    Upon questioning with regards to doing similar work with youth in Juvenile Hall, the Chief said that they are working with the Pacific News Service/YO, and that they are planning to have an event in Oct. to showcase youth talent publicly.

        Johnny Miller spoke highly of their past relationship.  The Commission applauded their work. Individual commissioners expressed their feelings of appreciation for the quality and humanity of the work.

        The interim Director of the Samoan Community Development Center briefly introduced his organization and what they were doing with the SFUSD at Phoenix Middle School.  More than half of the students they work with are on probation.  The organization brings in the family as a part of the workplan for the student, giving them services at the same time. 

6.     Unfinished business        none

7.     New business

        Comm. Dupré reported that the Mayor declared one day Damone Hale day for Pop Warner baseball day.

        Comm. Hale reported that he and Comm. Arámburo attended the School Board meeting last night.  He and Comm. Arámburo discussed the issue of armed police officers on school campuses, and how the School Board voted.  He didn't know if the School  Board contacted this Department when they constructed that resolution.  The Chief said he wasn't aware of it.   It was suggested inviting the School Board and SFUSD (and JJS?) to the Commission retreat and possibly use the afternoon session to deal with issues that relate to both.

8.     The meeting was adjourned at 7:23 pm.