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Minutes of May 3, 2006 meeting of the Facilities Committee  of the Juvenile Probation Commission         
 held at Youth Guidance Center  Conference Room  375 Woodside Ave  San Francisco, CA  94127

The Minutes of this meeting set forth all actions taken by the Committee on the matters 

  stated, but not necessarily the chronological sequence in which the matters were taken up



(ACTION)  Roll Call
Comm. Ricci called the meeting to order at 10:10am. Comm Rojas was present at the gavel; Comm Queen arrived at 10:15am.   The Chief, Norm Cole, Joanne Chow Winship represented the Dept.



(Public Comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Facilities Committee of the Juvenile Probation Commission)
There were none.


(DISCUSSION) Examination of the status of the Juvenile Hall replacement project, costs and timelines. 

J.Chow-Winship reported: outside landscaping will be started in about 3 wks.  Security/electrical is being installed and will be tested in a week or two.  There are still outstanding issues with interior finishes (cracks in plaster) and remediation is being carried out, but this puts things behind schedule. The cost issue will be negotiated out   The Bd of Supervisors approved a supplemental appropriation of $6.5 mil.  The move-in date is projected for late summer.  The Chief said this was being optimistic.  He mentioned that he was concerned for the cracked plaster problem and will be keeping an eye on this.

Ques: is there an estimate of the cost of this remedy?  No, there are also “soft” costs to it –the extended management costs—aside from the hard cost of the actual work.  Who will absorb this expense will be litigated. 

(public comment)      

there were none.


(DISCUSSION) Plans for the improvement of facilities at Log Cabin Ranch and Hidden Valley Ranch.

Norm Cole reported that a supplemental budget of $1 mil approved for LCRS, concentrating on the dorms and repairing the HVR gym.  They will use the bureau of engineering/bureau of architects to manage these projects.  They can do a lot of it through the bureau of building repair, but they also have overhead/oversight expense.

J. Chow-Winship and Norm are taking on the design of the dorm, but he said the counseling staff should probably be given an opportunity to express their opinions. J. Chow-Winship acknowledged that staff needs had to be taken into account.  The Chief said that consideration of future use/revenue generation had to be kept in mind when looking at re-doing the dorms. J. Chow-Winship said that they are probably only looking at installing a fire alarm and doing a roof patch for the gym.  All the work has to go through DPW and if someone else does the work, they still collect 12.5%.

Ques: when will this all start (timeline?). will the youth be involved in the planning?  Is there money to support the planning of designing the dorms so that we can capture revenues?

The Chief said that the $200K is for just this (the planning of an improved LCRS facility and programs).

The Chief asked the Committee to consider some sort of security at the Ranch, not necessarily wrapping it behind a fence, but some kind of control gate for entry/exit.  He said that he not only wanted to have the youth provide input to the planning, but also to be involved somehow in the learning process during construction.   J. Chow-Winship mentioned union objections to youth performing any work there. The Chief said he was willing to pursue this in order to make it possible for youth to be involved.

Ques: was there any estimate for video surveillance installation?  N. Cole said there was one for about $50K.  The Chief said that the $800K was given based on the priorities they gave the Bd of Supervisors, but now those priorities might be adjusted.

Comm Ricci asked about the condition of the kitchen at LCRS.  Ans. Various monitors (combustion gas analyzer, carbon monoxide) have been installed. There’s an ongoing problem with the steam table –having to clean the burners 3 times a week.  This is the “new” one that replaced the old one that had problems. They’re considering changing to an electric stem table (cost about $4-6K).

N. Cole said that they were trying to put many things on “auto control” to reduce maintenance costs, since they have reduced staffing over the years.

Comm Queen asked about the plan to remove the woodshop equipment/machinery from LCRS.  The Chief said he didn’t know of any carpentry program currently at LCRS, nor did he know the genesis of the program or why it isn’t operating. He said the space (his understanding) was being used as storage, and that the materials, equipment may be outdated and obsolete, and he didn’t know if a carpentry program fits into the plans for LCRS.  He said they are now trying to establish the ownership of that equipment (many things were donated to the Ranch).  He said they haven’t made any final decisions on that yet.

Comm Ricci suggested that this topic be taken up in the Programs Comm. for discussion.

(public comment)
There were none.



(DISCUSSION) Status of YGC facilities and processes for continued oversight and maintenance.

N. Cole passed out a list of projects that were current, throughout the facility.  He reported that the Controller reduced the facilities maintenance funds for the Dept. so that the roadway repair at LCRS won’t be done this fiscal year.

The Chief reported that the complaint from neighbors that overgrown vegetation was removed by 2 gardeners and 1 laborer, over 3 days costing $4,200.

N. Cole said the Dept doesn’t have any laborers to do this kind of work.  SLUG used to be contracted to do landscaping around YGC. The Chief said he was exploring a juvenile SWAP (Sheriff work alternative program), a work release program.

Comm Ricci asked that this be tabled until the next Facilities Committee meeting when the Director of Juvenile Hall could come and report.

(public comment)

There were none.


(ACTION) Adjournment

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:05am