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Regular Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

5:30 p.m.

City Hall, Room 408

#1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place

San Francisco, CA 94102




1.         Roll call

President Lingad Ricci called the meeting to order at 5:45 PM

            Commissioners Albright, Beijen, Lingad Ricci, and Woodson were present at that time.

            Commissioner Rojas arrived at 6:00 PM.


2.         Public Comment

            No comments.


3.         Review and Approval of Minutes from September 10, 2008 Meeting (ACTION ITEM)

Commissioner Woodson moved to approve the minutes of the September 10, 2008 Meeting.  Commissioner Beijen seconded.  Unanimous vote to approve.


4.         Reports to the Commission (DISCUSSION ONLY)


  • Chief’s Report
  • Monthly Statistical Reports

The Chief referenced the Monthly Reports presented to the Commissioners and invited questions.

Commissioner Beijen:  Is there a high seizure of contraband or weapons?

Chief Siffermann:  The contraband is generally pencils and pens that are being confiscated.  Chief sends out monthly letter to families to ensure that contraband not brought in and maintain safety of youth and employees.

Commissioner Beijen:  Is the relationship of injury related to incidence of weapons seized.

Chief Siffermann:  Only one (1) incident that I recall.


  • Status Report on CBO Contracts – presented by Lonnie Holmes

Lonnie Holmes:  We are up to date on our contracting, with the exceptions of two (2) contracts, which are at the Controller’s Office.


  • Log Cabin Ranch Update – See attached Report

Commissioner Beijen:  Are you anticipating a capacity of 12?  What happens with overflow?

Chief Siffermann:  Detention Center would be part of Phase I and would deal with this potential capacity overload.

Commissioner Woodson:  What is timeline for this grant?

Allison Magee:  Early January submission.

Commission Woodson:  Will state determine grant total?

Allison Magee:  Yes, state will decide final grant amount.


  • Financial Report – Presented by Sue Wong
    • City $90-120 million revenue shortfall.  Mid year cuts for City at $2.1 million.
    • Update will be provided in Finance Committee.
    • We have identified $390,000 in cuts work orders to the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice for contracts with CBOs. 
    • In addition a major budget deficit - $250,000 in 2009.
    • Chief Siffermann:  Commended the work of Allison Magee in the presentation of the Juvenile Probation Department efforts to reduce overtime at a recent SF Stat meeting.  Ms. Magee’s presentation on the Department’s OT abatement efforts was featured in a Department of Human Resources City-wide Training Program.


  • Upcoming Events/Announcement

Chief Siffermann:  Announced that the Department is responding to a Corrections Standards Authority (CSA) report of their bi-annual facility inspection of the Juvenile Justice Center and Log Cabin Ranch which identified several areas of non-compliance.  The specific areas will be easily corrected within the time frame established.  A report will be sent to CSA before the 12/28/08 deadline that details the remedies taken.


Chief Siffermann:  Announced the successful Operation Trick or Treat conducted on 10/31/08 with all other San Francisco law enforcement groups.


Commissioner Beijen:  Personally complimented the Department on the work well done during trick or treat.


President Lingad Ricci:  Commended the Department for hosting the visitors from Supreme Court of People’s Republic of China.


Chief Siffermann:  Announced the Department will sponsor a memorial service for Leticia (Lettie) Elaydo in the near future.


  • Progress Report on Mark Morris Group

Chief Siffermann:  Reported that this matter will be discussed at the next Program Committee Meeting.


  • Committee Reports
    • Facilities – no report.
    • Finance – no report.
    • Programs – no report.


5.         Committee Assignments & Responsibilities (DISCUSSION ONLY)

            Commissioner Rojas:  indicated that committee meetings should be held as needed.


6.         Closed Session

Pursuant to code as indicated in agenda.  No public comments.  Commissioner Beijen moved to hold closed session.  Commissioner Albright seconded.  Unanimous vote to hold closed session.


            Commissioner Beijen moved.

            Commissioner Albright seconded.





Commissioner Rojas:  announced the Commission voted to extend an offer of employment for Commission Secretary.  Commissioner Albright moved not to disclose.  Commissioner Beijen seconded.  Unanimous decision not to disclose identity of individual at this time.


7.         New Business/Future Agenda Items (DISCUSSION and ACTION)

            Next meeting will be a special meeting on December 11 as a social event.

            The meeting on December 10 is cancelled.


President Ricci offered a moment of silence in the memory of Letty Elaydo and Mary Beijen Groves.


8.         Adjournment (ACTION ITEM)

            The meeting was adjourned at 6:55 PM.