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Meeting Information


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1.         Roll Call

            The meeting was called to order at 5:36pm.  Comms. Aramburo, Julian, Hale, Dupre, Shimko were present at the gavel.  Comm. Jackson-Drake was excused. Comm. Chuck arrived at 5:47 pm.

2.         Review of Dec. 9, 1998  meeting  minutes

            The minutes were approved as written.  President Shimko reminded Comms. Hale and Julian that they were to decide the format of comments to be included in the Oct. 98 minutes.  Comm. Hale said it was a work in progress and would be done by the next Commission meeting.

3.         Chief Probation Officer's Report: budget report FY 98-99, 99-00;  review of monthly statistical data; highlights of month of Dec.; upcoming events/emerging issues

            Chief Williams reported that the Dept was within this year's budget, with a projected small surplus in the budget.  There still is a deficit in the OT/temp salaries line items. 

               As regards the ‘99-00' budget process, the next step is Dept submission to the Finance Committee of the Commission, on the 27th of January.  He also reported that he had arranged for Supervisor L. Yee to come out to the Dept and discuss general issues relating to the Dept and its budget.  Comm. Julian mentioned that he had proposed the same thing for Supervisor Ammiano. Comm. Hale also contacted Supervisor Brown to come out, and that maybe they could all do this at the same time.

               The Chief commented that they are doing PO interviews in the next two days.  They hope to fill as many as 20 POs.  They are also making appointments to the Asst. Directors positions for LCR and Juvenile Hall. 

               Stats:  today's LCR population was 50, Juvenile Hall was 138.  Avg daily population for JH in Dec was 117.  Avg length of stay was 14.79 days.  Avg population for LCR was 44.  There were 29 incident reports for Juvenile Hall in Dec., vs. 22 in Nov.   17 grievances were filed in Dec. vs. 28 in Nov. 

               Emerging issues:  Bd of Corrections report on Juvenile Hall showed positive reviews, with only a couple of very minor compliance issues.  They will be doing an inspection of LCR on the 27th. 

               The Chief reported that the Dept will be taking a primary responsibility for operating the Girls Residential Program on Treasure Island.

               Commissioners asked the Secretary to arrange for a tour/inspection of the Girls Program, with Carol Kizziah. 

               Johnny Miller described 3 incidents at LCR.  One was an escape of 2 detainees, the other was a youth who was injured on a bandsaw in the woodshop.  The last was a youth injured on the blacktop.

               Janet Medina described a couple of incidents involving girls in the coed and boys in B3.  There has also been occurrences of crack cocaine contraband (individuals placing the contraband into body orifices)... and without body cavity searches, there is no way of discovering it.  They also involve younger girls (13 and 15 yrs old).  In triage, they are asked about having drugs on their person, but youth are not encouraged to "come clean" because if drugs are turned over, the Dept would report it to the police, leading to additional charges.  There are policy issues involved here. 

               There is a multi discipline committee that reviews these kinds of problems, (youths).

               There needs to be more resources found and involved in the placement of youth (current resources are not enough to meet the needs of these "special needs" youth). 

4.         Discussion/Action Items:

a. Consideration of and possible action on Program Committee recommendation to modify contract amount with SLUG for Aftercare program, from $99K to $150K.

     Comm. Hale reviewed that SLUG has increased their service level beyond the original contract requirements, so they are in need of an increase in the budget. 

      Public Comment:  Kent Eagleson of the SF Boys and Girls Shelter spoke in favor of the resolution.  Comm. Hale moved approve this resolution.  Comm. Julian seconded.  It was passed in roll call, 6-0.

b.  Consideration of  and possible action on Facility Committee recommendation to approve Capital Improvement Budget for 1999-2000.     

     Comm. Chuck reviewed the process of discussing the budget in the Facilities Committee, and moved to approve the Capital Improvement Budget. Comm. Julian seconded.  Sandy Brown Richardson pointed out a couple of revisions to the budget since the Facilities Committee approved it..  Neither were substantive of a negative nature.   There were no public comments.  The question was called.  It passed in roll call, 6-0.

c.      Consideration of, and possible action on, Program Committee recommendation, to  

     contract with American Justice Institute for use of ProDes evaluation tool.

     Comm. Hale reviewed that this was a previously discussed issue, with a presentation on what the tool and evaluation system was and why it was useful for this Dept.  It had already been approved by the Commission for the Dept to explore a contract with the AJI, and that once all the clearances were received, the Chief would come before the Commission again for final approval to sign the contract.

      The Chief raised the issue of implementing a formal and consistent policy and procedure for contracting, as a future discussion item.

      Comm. Hale moved to approve a contract with the AJI for up to $150K.  The question was called, and passed in roll call, 6-0.

d.  Consideration of, and possible action on, Program Committee recommendation, to sole source contract with Center for Juvenile and Criminal Justice up to $100,000.00 for a "Population Management" program.

      Comm. Hale stated that the Dept needed additional resources to get youth back out into the communities, and that CJCJ would be working with Barbara Johnson and Sam McIsaac on expediting the ‘outplacing' of youth from the Hall.  Question:  does the population management program have a mission statement?  No. 

      Comm. Hale moved to approve this contract.  Comm. Dupré seconded.  The question was called, and in roll call passed, 6-0.

e.  Discussion of Dept/Commission goals  and priorities statement (April 98)

     The materials provided in the Commissioners' binder were not correct.  The correct Commission Priorities were passed out at the meeting.  The Commission's priorities (copy available through the Chief's office or JPC office), were given specific Dept staff to be responsible for each one (the tasks being made an integral part of their performance measures). He reported that they are working on #2-#8.  #2, #5, #6 assigned to C. Bell; #3, #4 to J. Miller/J. Medina; #7 to G. Tucker/S. Brown-Richardson, and #8, the Chief.  

      Chief Williams read off  the 8 priorities/goals for the Dept.  He said that the Dept has developed a strategic action plan for each division and the Dept as a whole, and will be ready to discuss it at the Feb. meeting.

5.         Public Comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile

            Probation Commission.   none

6.         Unfinished business     none

7.         New business    Comm. Shimko reported that from Feb. on,  the Commission would have its full monthly meetings at the new hearing room in City Hall, on the 4th Weds.  This will demand an amendment of the Commission's Rules.  The Feb. 24th meeting would just have to be noted as a Special offsite meeting. Chief Williams noted that the Dept needed Commission action on the Dept. budget before the 24th.  It was decided to call a meeting on the 10th of Feb. to address the budget issue, and also the regular meeting on the 24th.  Comm. Hale also asked about the impact on community-site hosted meetings of the Commission.  He asked whether the Commission would like to keep meeting up at YGC at least twice a year (as a Rule).

8.         The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 pm.