City and County of San FranciscoJuvenile Probation Department

February 16, 2010

Finance Committee - February 16, 2010




Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

3 p.m.

Juvenile Probation Department, Main Conference Room 247

375 Woodside Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94127

Finance Committee

Katharine Albright, Chair

Sarah Ching Ting Wan

Rebecca Woodson

Meeting Minutes

1. Roll call

  • The Commission Chair called the meeting to order at 3:10 p.m. Commissioners Albright and Wan were present.

2. Public Comment

  • No public comments.

3. Review and Approval of the Finance Committee Minutes of January 21, 2010

  • Motion to approve the Finance Committee Minutes of January 21, 2010 by Commissioner Wan, second by Commissioner Albright. Minutes were approved.
  • No public comments.


4. Review Finance Committee Letter Recommending JPD’s Budget (DISCUSSION ONLY)

  • COMM Albright distributed the 2009 Mayor’s budget letter for review and expressed that the department has many of the same concerns as last year. The letter should reflect that JPD was given a 20% budget target reduction of $5.1 million and an overall reduction of 30% or $7.6 million. As expressed last year, the department is operating on a “bare bones” budget.
    COMM Albright and Wan would like to finalize the current budget letter and send it to the Mayor’s Office before the FY 2010/2011 budget submission on February 22nd stating that the Commission supports JPD’s proposed budget and expresses a strong concern regarding the cuts and what the impacts will be on the mandated and non-mandated services and probation officers. A serious concern is the layoff of 20 employees.
  • Sue Wong, Finance Director, stated that the department is finalizing the FY 2010/2011 budget to be submitted to the Mayor’s Office on February 22nd and provided a JPD 2010/2011 Budget Presentation.
  • The current year budget provides the different revenue sources, other than general fund. It represents 17% of the budget, funded by outside revenue sources, and totals $6 million dollars. It is a mix of federal and state funding. The division expense has a total budget of about $35 million and a total FTE budget of $244 million.
  • Ms. Wong also distributed the JPD Org Chart.
  • Regarding JPD budget challenges, the department was issued a 30% reduction target, which totals about $7.7 million. The budget year target is 20% and the budget year contingency target is 10%. The state revenue shortfall will be an additional 11%.
  • Earlier this morning, the Mayor’s Office instructed JPD to include in the budget submission 10 layoff positions in probation services. This would be another $1 million cut. It will be noted, but it is uncertain if the Mayor’s Office will take it.
  • COMM Wan asked about the minimum staffing requirement. Allison Magee, Director of Administrative Services, stated that Probation does not have any staffing requirements. Juvenile Hall does and it is a ratio of 1:15 during waking hours and 1:30 during sleeping hours. The new facility has a higher impact on staffing. Today, there were 110 kids.
  • The Food Services Contract proposal was introduced last year as part of the Mayor’s budget submission for JPD and they have asked JPD to introduce it again this year.
  • A new, one-time, revenue source from the Asset Forfeiture Fund is $160,000. The total reduction from the FY 2010/2011 budget is $600,000 compared to FY 2009/2010 budget. 10 additional probation services positions and 10 other positions (seven food service contract staff; two admin staff layoff/downgrade; and one deleted admin position) will be impacted. It is a $1.4 million reduction in JPD’s budget.
  • The Food Services Contract for FY 2011 savings is around $280,000, starting on October 1st. The annual savings is projected to be about $385,000. Seven staff members will be laid off and three food service staff members will remain.
  • No public comments.

5. Review of Commission Budget Planning (DISCUSSION ONLY)

  • COMM Woodson attended a budget meeting with the Mayor and Commission Presidents regarding an update on the city budget.
    COMM Albright noted that the city’s budget deficit is $500 million.
  • No public comments.

6. Adjournment (ACTION ITEM)

  • The meeting adjourned at 4:25 p.m.