City and County of San FranciscoJuvenile Probation Department

January 21, 2010

Finance Committee - January 21, 2010




Meeting Minutes

Thursday, January 21, 2010

3:30 p.m.

Juvenile Probation Department, Main Conference Room 247

375 Woodside Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94127

Finance Committee

Katharine Albright, Chair

Sarah Ching Ting Wan

Rebecca Woodson

Meeting Minutes

1. Roll call

  • The Commission Chair called the meeting to order at 3:34 p.m. Commissioners Albright and Wan were present.

2. Public Comment

  • No public comments.

3. Review and Approval of the Finance Committee Minutes of December 3, 2009 (ACTION ITEM)

  • Motion to approve the Finance Committee Minutes of December 3, 2009 by Commissioner Wan, second by Commissioner Albright. Minutes were approved.
  • No public comments.

4. FY 2009-2010 Budget Update and Mid-Year Reductions presented by Sue Wong

  • Sue Wong, Finance Director, gave an update on the mid-year cuts. The Mayor’s Office has decided to take the cuts from JPD’s proposal and will be implementing pieces of the mid-year proposal. In December, the Mayor’s Office implemented the cuts to the Professional Services Contracts and administration. JPD has been informed that the Mayor’s Office is planning to issue a round of layoff notices in the next month or two and will be targeting the three filled administrative positions. Two will be part-time and the third will be a layoff. Ms. Wong said that “we do know the positions, however, have not notified staff.”
  • COMM Wan asked if JPD expected another round of mid-year cuts. Allison Magee, Director of Administrative Services, said that “there have not been any more mid-year cuts identified.”
  • COMM Albright inquired about the impact on services and JPD’s obligation to the mandates. Ms. Magee said that “there will be some slight reductions of services in terms of availability.” It is not direct services positions and the cuts will impact JPD’s internal operations.
  • No public comments.

5. FY 2010-2011 Budget Planning and Target Reductions presented by Sue Wong

  • JPD met with Steve Kawa, the Mayor’s Chief of Staff, and discussed LCR, Juvenile Hall, and CBO’s.
  • COMM Albright asked if the Mayor was going to recommend target levels for the department. Ms. Magee said that “the conversation was whether they want to take the rest of the mid-year cuts and what are the impacts of taking those cuts in probation services and other divisions.” Ms. Wong said that “10 probation services positions were submitted for the mid-year cuts, however, they have not taken them. Now it is moving into the budget year conversation.”
    COMM Albright asked about the impact on the probation services cuts. Ms. Magee said that “cuts to JPD would mean internal and external service impacts, and less time for case management.”
    COMM Albright asked if these 10 probation officers have bumping rights. Ms. Magee stated that “they have bumping rights with Adult Probation.”
  • COMM Albright asked how the department is handling the issues that the Mayor’s Office raised regarding LCR, Juvenile Hall and CBO’s. Ms. Magee said that “there are not any cuts in Juvenile Hall.” JPD has state funds in place and want to double the population at LCR in the next year. JPD has talked about the level of cuts the CBO’s endured last year and JPD is down to around $1.2 million. The total Violence Prevention pool is around $10 million and that will be reduced with the budget.
  • COMM Albright asked about the process in notifying staff on the upcoming layoffs and CBO’s of the budget issues. Ms. Magee said that the “we keep all of the division directors notified of what we think is going to happen. Our staff knows what is going on citywide with the budget and what has been asked of the department in terms of the 25% budget cut. We have not publicized potential layoffs yet. Regarding CBO’s, we have had our JJCC meetings and discussed the budget expectations on the general fund and state side. When these cuts happen we will have more meetings.”
  • COMM Wan asked when JPD would know the impact of the state budget cut. Ms. Wong said that “the state budget proposal does not have any cuts to Juvenile Justice. The Juvenile Justice funding is now tied to the vehicle license fee, which projected a 15% reduction in revenue, but looks more like 30%.”
  • COMM Albright inquired about the city’s budget deficit. Ms. Wong said “it was around $442 million. We are going to submit our budget on February 21st, minus the positions that were cut. We are not presenting any new cuts.”
  • COMM Albright would like to have another Finance Committee meeting on February 16th to approve JPD’s February 21st budget submission to the Mayor’s Office. JPD and the Finance Committee will draft a letter by February 12th regarding why further cuts should not be made. The Full Commission Meeting will be moved to February 17th, so that the Finance Committee can present this letter to the Full Commission to work out any revisions, vote on it and make a recommendation. In addition, most of the JPD staff will be at a conference in Washington, D.C. on February 10th, the regularly scheduled monthly meeting. If the letter cannot be completed by the Full Commission Meeting in February, it will be moved to the March meeting.
  • No public comments.

6. Adjournment (ACTION ITEM)

  • The meeting adjourned at 4:12 p.m.