City and County of San FranciscoJuvenile Probation Department

January 10, 2012

Finance Committee - January 10, 2012



Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, January 10, 2012
3 p.m.
Juvenile Probation Department, Main Conference Room 247
375 Woodside Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94127

Finance Committee
Joseph Arellano, Chair
Katharine Albright
Sarah Ching Ting Wan

Meeting Minutes

1. Roll call
• The Commission Chair called the meeting to order at 3:04 p.m. Commissioners Arellano and Wan were present.

2. Public Comment
• No public comments.

3. Review and Approval of the Finance Committee Minutes of February 16, 2010
• Motion to approve the Finance Committee Minutes of February 16, 2010 by Commissioner Wan, second by Commissioner Arellano. Minutes approved.
• No public comments.

4. Presentation on the FY 2012-2013 Budget by Catherine McGuire (DISCUSSION ONLY)
• Ms. McGuire provided a one-page summary entitled FY2012-13 and FY2013-14 Budget Preparation Discussion (supporting document available on website). The handout provides the FY2011-12 Approved Budget; City FY12013 Budget Overview for Fy2012-13 and FY 2013-14; Budget Instructions; JPD Cut Targets for Fy2012-13 and FY 2013-14; and JPD strategies.
• FY2011-12 budget was successful, with the Commissions’ support, and no cuts were proposed in the submission. Few requests were received: three vehicles; one server; and one washing machine for LCR; A $150,000 Zellerbach grant funds were matched from general funds to build a case management system at JPD; and the BOS requested a cut in overtime, resulting in a $108,000 reduction.
• The City is facing a $263 million shortfall for FY2012-13. The shortfall increases to $375 million in FY2013-14, which includes employee MOU give-backs, with the exception of police, fire and nurses. Contracts will be renegotiated at the end of the fiscal year.
• A mandated two-year “rolling” budget will now be required for FY 2012-2013 and FY 2013-2014. The FY2013-2014 will be reopened next year to adjust, as necessary. Budget instructions are to cut 5%; plus 1% FTE; and 2.5% contingency in FY2012-13 and FY2013-14.
• The JPD cut for FY2012-13 and FY2013-14 is: $2.5 million (5% cut); $353,528 (1% FTE @ 2.28 positions); and $4 million (2.5% contingency). The total budget cut is 4.2 million over the two years and represents over 10% of the budget. The strategy is to explore revenue options and by having ongoing discussions with the Mayor’s Office. In addition, JPD seeks additional grants, plus state allocations.
• Chief Siffermann discussed the impact of the 5-year outlook: realignment; closure of DJJ, they will no longer accept juveniles in 2013 and are currently housing six youths; and core responsibilities, which is the framework for JPD’s budget.
COMM Arellano commended the Chief and his staff for their budget planning and inquired about the budget timeline. Ms. McGuire stated that JPD’s budget is submitted to the Mayor’s Office on February 21st, with the Commissions’ recommendation; to the Mayor’s Office for review; and to the BOS by May 1st.
• Ms. McGuire stated that the Governor submitted an early budget for 2012-2013; the cuts for the $125,000/per child per year for DJJ will be assessed, but not collected. It will not impact JPD’s budget.
COMM Wan asked when the JPD budget would be submitted to the Commission. Ms. McGuire said that it will be provided before the February 8th Full Commission meeting.
• No public comments.

5. Review of Commission Budget Planning (DISCUSSION ONLY)
• COMM Arellano and Wan will report today’s Finance Committee meeting to the Full Commission at the 01-11-12 Full Commission meeting for further discussions.
• No public comments.

6. Adjournment (ACTION ITEM)
• The meeting adjourned at 3:40 p.m.