City and County of San FranciscoJuvenile Probation Department

August 11, 2010

Full Commission - August 11, 2010








Regular Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

5:30 p.m.

City Hall, Hearing Room 408

1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place

San Francisco, CA 94102



Rebecca Woodson, President

Julian Chang, Vice President

Katharine Albright

Joseph Arellano

Dirk Beijen

Sarah Ching Ting Wan


Meeting Minutes


1.     Roll Call

·        The Commission President called the meeting to order at 5:40 p.m.  
Commissioners Albright, Arellano, Beijen, Chang, Wan and Woodson were present. 


2.     No public comments.


3.     Review and Approval of the Full Commission Meeting Minutes of July 14, 2010 (ACTION ITEM)


·         Motion to approve the July 14, 2010 Full Commission Meeting Minutes by COMM Chang, second by COMM Albright, and approved by the rest of the Commission. 


4.     Presentation on the Year Up Program by Trevor Hooper (DISCUSSION ONLY)


·         The Year Up Program is a free, one-year, full-time professional training, education and internship program for 18-24 year olds with a high school diploma or a GED.  The students work five months in the classroom with Year Up and six months in a corporate internship.  Year Up wants the students to be marketable and give them the proper skills to make the transition from being a student to being a corporate professional.  Students who have criminal records can participate but Year Up is limited to the corporate partners and their hiring policies.  The students take a learning assessment to make sure that Year Up can support their academic needs.  Classes begin in September and March of every year.  The intention is to work with low-to-moderate income deserving of the opportunity.  Post completion of the program, staff from our career alumni services ensure the young adults with continued education and recruitment agencies.  The program focuses on learning in-demand technical and business communication skills; earn a weekly stipend (up to $150-250/week) and up to 13 college credits from City College of SF paid for by Year Up; and one-on-one mentoring and ongoing career support.  No public comments.


5.     Report to the Commission

a.  Chief’s Report:

DMC Grant Update by Garry Bieringer:
Efforts made over the past months have focused on building a relationship with the Bayview Police Department because 25% of youths that come through the system live in that area.  A survey was administered on line officers, focusing on issues of dis-proportionality, and they got around 50 surveys back.  The surveys were analyzed and are now with the Burns Institute Consultants to help interpret the data.  Chief Sifferman expressed the purpose of the grant was to study the data that showed the disproportionate numbers of youths that came into the system from the 94124 area code; to establish better interaction with the Bayview PD and the community; and get support from the Bayview police.  Mr. Bieringer said that the survey is going to be used for developing a training program for both line police officers and probation officers that will focus on issues raised in the survey, as well as seek the involvement of community members.  The training has not yet been set up. 
COMM Woodson asked when there will be another progress report and Mr. Bieringer said “in around three to six months.” 
COMM Wan asked if the analysis of the survey could be shared with the Commission.  Mr. Bieringer said that it was just for training purposes, it will not be released to the public, and that he can provide the agenda and scope of training.  The actual survey summary has not yet been discussed the police.  No public comments.   

BOS Budget Update by William Siffermann, Chief Probation Officer:
Summary focused on “Formula for Success.”  On July 29th, the Mayor signed the 2010/2011 Budget.  The teamwork, guiding principles, staff input, and feedback helped outline what would be the framework for JPD’s approach on the budget, prepared by Allison Magee, Director of Administrative Services, and Sue Wong, Finance Director.  The target budget reduction was $7.7 million dollars; the actual budget reduction was over $1.5 million.  With numerous proposals that included ways that could meet certain targets, JPD provided figures that supported their positions.  COMM Albright and Chang commended Chief Siffermann.  No public comments. 

Family Day at LCR Update by William Siffermann, Chief Probation Officer:
The LCR staff and youths worked very hard preparing for this event.  The youths enjoyed working together as a team getting the grounds ready for their families, there was a great level of maturity among them in anticipation of Family Day at LCR, and the youths took pride in their work.  Ms. Tamara Radcliff, Senior Supervisor, put together a presentation and dinner was provided in the dining hall.  The youths took their families on a tour of the living units and garden that they have worked on.  The day was a success. 
COMM Beijen said that he noticed the youths were very enthusiastic and the overall feeling at this event was “pride.”  Everybody took their responsibilities seriously and everyone seemed to have a really good time.  No public comments. 

6.     Future Agenda Items (ACTION ITEM)


·         Chief Siffermann suggested having LCR graduates present an update at the September meeting.  Will discuss this further with City Attorney, Sallie Gibson.

·          COMM Beijen announced the next Programs Committee meeting is scheduled on Tuesday, August 24th at 3:30 p.m. at JPD to discuss the collaborative re-entry teams.

·         COMM Woodson discussed the next community Full Commission meeting and asked the Commissioners to send any suggestions to the Commission Secretary.

·         Chief Siffermann announced that a meeting is scheduled with a delegation member and the Chief Probation Officer of Santa Clara County, the President of the JPC and JJC, a CBO, JPD’s presiding judge, and public defender to discuss SF’s stand-alone JPD setup and system on Friday, August 20th at JJC.      


7.     Adjournment
Meeting adjourned at 6:45 p.m.