City and County of San FranciscoJuvenile Probation Department

September 8, 2010

Full Commission - September 8, 2010







Regular Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

5:30 p.m.

City Hall, Hearing Room 408

1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place

San Francisco, CA 94102



Rebecca Woodson, President

Julian Chang, Vice President

Katharine Albright

Joseph Arellano

Dirk Beijen

Sarah Ching Ting Wan


Meeting Minutes


1.     Roll Call
The Commission President called the meeting to order at 5:46 p.m.  Commissioners Albright, Beijen, Wan and Woodson were present.  Commissioner Chang arrived at 6:06 p.m. and Commissioner Arellano was excused. 



2.     No public comments.



3.     Review and Approval of the Full Commission Meeting Minutes of August 11, 2010 (ACTION ITEM)


·         Motion to approve the August 11, 2010 Full Commission Meeting Minutes to include JPD staff names and the correct Bayview district zip code by COMM Albright, second by COMM Beijen, and approved by the rest of the Commission. 



4.     Vote on whether to hold November’s Full Commission Meeting at the Bayview Police Department, located at 201 Williams Street in SF, on Tuesday, November 9th at 5:30 p.m. (DISCUSSION AND ACTION ITEM)


·         Motion to hold November’s Full Commission Meeting at the Bayview Police Department, located at 201 Williams Street in SF, on Tuesday, November 9th at 5:30 p.m. by COMM Woodson, second by COMM Wan, and approved by the rest of the Commission.


5.     Report to the Commission

a.  Chief’s Report:

Replacement of Vacant Director Positions:
Chief Siffermann gave an update on the replacement search for Directors at LCR and Probation Services.  HR is still gathering names of applicants and will follow-up with interviews.  Assistant Chief Probation Officer, Allen Nance, is serving as acting Director at LCR.  For the last 30 days, two employees from Probation Services Division have been appointed to acting senior supervisor positions to assume responsibility of Probation Services Director.  Chief Siffermann meets with these individuals daily and the responsibilities have been divided to supervising intake functions and the department units, as well as supervising the Probation Services division.  Once candidates are identified, interviews will follow.  
No public comments.   

“Kids in Common” Roundtable Discussion held on August 20, 2010
Chief Siffermann said that a CBO from Santa Clara County requested to examine the stand-alone structure of JPD.  Santa Clara County is exploring the prospect of dividing their juvenile and adult probation department.  San Francisco is the only county in California that has a stand-alone juvenile probation department separate from adult probation.   This was a large meeting of over 25 visitors, which consisted of representatives of the JPC, JPD Administration, CBO’s, and Public Defender’s Office.  This was an opportunity to share the work performed at JPD that allows the department to gather the city’s support and grant funding to operate programs focused on juveniles and their families.  The county was enthused and impressed with JPD’s report.  
COMM Woodson was impressed by the turnout and the enthusiasm and said that some of the questions were very specific about what’s working.  COMM Woodson said that Judge Kelly said that these kids need jobs when they get out of the system and COMM Woodson was able to share the Year Up Program that was presented at the last Full Commission meeting.  Judge Kelly and the Juvenile Collaborative Re-Entry Team (JCRT) will present at the October Full Commission meeting to discuss this topic further.    
COMM Beijen commended Chief Siffermann on hosting this meeting.  Attendees were very positive about the presentation and most left feeling very impressed about JPD. The Chief Probation Officer of Santa Clara County seemed very at ease with the presentation and with the other speakers. 
Public Comments:
Joanna Hernandez, with Families Understanding the System, said that their main concern at their last meeting was on youths exiting the system.  Ms. Hernandez wanted to know what other job readiness training or services were available for these youths and if it was possible to have these services provided while these youths are on probation.  Families Understanding the System would like to work with Juvenile Advisory Council (JAC) that helps provide orientation to youths.   Ms. Hernandez works with the re-entry department, within Goodwill Industries, and would like to make it more formal in helping kids get back on track with job readiness training. 
Chief Siffermann said that he is a charter member of the SF Re-Entry Council that primarily focuses on adults, including those emerging from LCR, as well as those coming from out-of-home placement, that are now 18 years old and above.  Chief Siffermann participates in a sub-committee that focuses on detention alternatives, which is key to any re-entry strategy for finding legitimate employment.  The SF Youth Commission guides and directs JAC, and participated with Families Understanding the System in creating the Parent Handbook for kids in the system.  Ms. Hernandez’s comments regarding youth transition planning is very important for JPD to follow-up on.  JPD is very conscious about the kids in placement but needs to do a better job with the kids on regular caseloads and have already been released to their families. 
No further public comments. 


6.     Public Comment on all matters pertaining to Closed Session


·           No public comments.


7.     Vote on whether to hold Closed Session.  (San Francisco Administrative Code Section 67.10) (ACTION ITEM)


·         COMM Beijen motioned to hold a closed session, second by COMM Chang, and approved by the rest of the Commission.


8.     Closed Session



Pursuant to Government Code section 54957 and San Francisco Administrative Code  Section 67.10(b):
PERSONNEL EXCEPTION: Commission Review and Feedback on Chief Probation Officer’s



9.     Vote to elect whether to disclose any or all discussion held in closed session (San Francisco Administrative Code Section 67.12(a)) (ACTION ITEM)


·         COMM Chang motioned to not disclose any or all discussion held in closed session, second by COMM Beijen, and approved by the rest of the Commission. 


10.  Future Agenda Items (ACTION ITEM)



·         COMM Woodson said that the October Full Commission meeting will focus on job opportunities.  Judge Kelly, Allison Magee and other members of JCRT will discuss the Re-Entry Program.  In addition, COMM Woodson would like to see a representative from Goodwill Industries speak on connecting youths with jobs. 


·         COMM Woodson would like flyers available from past presenters, such as Year Up and One Stop, regarding youth job opportunities.


·         COMM Wan recommended having YGCIC or DCYF participate to discuss workforce development opportunities for youths on probation.


·         No public comments.


11.  Adjournment (ACTION ITEM)


·           The meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.