City and County of San FranciscoJuvenile Probation Department

November 9, 2011

Full Commission - November 9, 2011



Regular Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, November 9, 2011
5:30 p.m.
City Hall, Hearing Room 408
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place
San Francisco, CA 94102

Julian Chang, President
Dirk Beijen, Vice President
Katharine Albright
Joseph Arellano
Susan Jones
Sarah Ching Ting Wan
Rebecca Woodson

Meeting Minutes

1. Roll Call
The Commission President called the meeting to order at 5:40 p.m. Commissioners Albright, Beijen, Chang, Jones, Wan and Woodson were present. Commissioner Arellano arrived at 5:41 p.m.

2. Public comments.
No public comments.

3. Review and Approval of the Full Commission Meeting Minutes of September 14, 2011 and October 12, 2011 (ACTION ITEM)
Motion to approve the September 14, 2011(to include Chief Siffermann’s comments) and the October 12, 20011 Full Commission Meeting Minutes by COMM Albright, second by COMM Beijen, and approved by the rest of the Commission.
No public comments.

4. Review the Draft Juvenile Probation Commission’s Annual Report FY 2010-2011, Requested by the Mayor’s Office (DISCUSSION ONLY)
Motion to accept the draft Juvenile Probation Commission’s Annual Report FY 2010-2011 as a final version to be submitted to the Mayor’s Office by COMM Beijen, seconded by COMM Wan, and approved by the rest of the Commission.
No public comments.

5. Review the Commissioner’s Quarterly Attendance Records, Requested by the Mayor’s Office (DISCUSSION ONLY)
COMM Chang discussed that the Mayor’s Office has received Sunshine requests for attendance records. Each commission and commissioner’s attendance record is now being recorded on a quarterly basis.
No public comments.

6. Report to the Commission (DISCUSSION ONLY)

a. Chief’s Report:
• Summary and Follow-Up of BOS’ Government Audit and Oversight Committee Meeting
It was a successful presentation, which began with a Civil Grand Jury summary of LCR, and all respondents provided their response to the committee. This included the two-year effort in restoring LCR. JPD received a positive report from committee members and prompted recommendations for capital improvements. The recommendation was sent to the Full Board the following week and was adopted unanimously. JPD will meet with the Mayor’s Office and Capital Planning.
No public comments.
• Update on JJC Census
Census in the detention center has reduced to 78 youths. The increase in population reported at the last meeting was caused by delays in moving youths to out-of-home placement. JPD is still experiencing the use of the detention center for long-term placement as a disposition sentence ordered by the courts, despite the memorandum issued to the court, attorneys and PO’s, which addresses long-term sentences and increasing numbers. This poses a challenge for JPD since the detention center is not equipped to provide programming on a long-term basis, as well as weekend stays for probation violations. JPD opposes use of secured detention in response to probation violation when it can be remedied through the Probation Enrichment Program, established through grant funds received by Corrections Standards Authority. The program entails that youths participate in two weekend community based sessions, instead of going into custody and ordered by the court, without any probation violations filed by PO’s. JPD will continue to educate the court on the value of community based alternatives in lieu of secured custody in the detention center. Ten of the 78 youths are 18 years of age. One of the detainees will be there until 19 years based on a court recommendation. Another alternative being explored in conjunction with the City Attorney’s office is to examine the authority that the Chief Probation Officer has as administrator of the secured detention facility; decision-making related to the security and safety of the institution; and defer admissions to the detention center on weekends when census in the detention center is able to accommodate short-term commitments. This has been advanced to the court for consideration.
No public comments.
• Halloween Special Detail
Six JPD employees, SFPD and Adult Probation, maintained their presence in the Castro district, which garnered many positive comments from the public; city partners; and Supervisors Weiner and Chiu. JPD had informed youths that this area was off limits and kids were reminded of their curfew on a citywide basis. It was a successful evening and no youths were apprehended or arrested that evening.
No public comments.

b. Committee Reports

7. Future Agenda Items (ACTION ITEM)


• The following off-site Full Commission meetings for 2012 were suggested: Visitation Valley Community Center; Willie L. Brown Community Center in Sunnydale; and Visitation Valley Middle School.
No public comments.

8. Adjournment (ACTION ITEM)
The meeting adjourned at 6:23 p.m.