Juvenile Probation Commission Meeting Information

In accordance with Governor Newsom’s statewide order for all residents to “Stay-at-home” - and the numerous local and state proclamations, orders and supplemental directions – aggressive directives have been issued to slow down and reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. On March 17, 2020, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors authorized their Board and Committee meetings to convene remotely and allow for remote public comment, pursuant to the lifted restrictions on videoconferencing and teleconferencing.

The following meetings will be held via Teleconference Pursuant to Governor’s Executive Order N-29-20:


The next Full Commission meeting will be held remotely on Wednesday, October 14, 2020, beginning at 5:30 p.m.

WATCH:  https://bit.ly/3iDXdsF
ACCESS CODE:  146 768 8795

1. Press #.
2. When the Secretary calls for public comment dial "*3" to be added to the speaker line (follow prompts).
3. When the system message indicates your line is unmuted, and after you hear a tone, you may begin your public comment.
4. You will have 3 minutes to provide your comments.
5. Once your 3 minutes have ended you will be moved out of the speaker line and back to listening as a meeting participant.
6. Participants who wish to provide public comment on other agenda items may stay on the meeting line and listen for the Secretary’s prompt. Address the Commission as a whole, do not address individual Commissioners.


The November Full Commission meeting will be held remotely on Tuesday, November 10, 2020, beginning at 5:30 p.m.


The Implicit Bias Training was completed by the Juvenile Probation Commission by 12-31-19.
Listed by Commissioner and date completed:
Joseph Arelleno, 12-10-19;
Margaret Brodkin, 12-22-19;
Daniela Maldonado, 12-30-19;
Jess Montejano, 12-30-19
Toye Moses, 12-30-19; and,
James Spingola, 12-24-19.

Explanatory documents referred to in the agendas are denoted by links in blue (click on it)


If you would like to be added to an email queue for agenda notices, please send an email request to:
Pauline.Silva-Re@sfgov.org, or (415) 753-7870.

Please check meeting notice site for full agendas.

Note*** Minutes of the various Commission meetings are posted in draft form, in order to meet the legal deadlines for publishing them (within ten [10] days of the meeting). They are not finalized and approved until the next meeting of that particular body. If modifications are called for then, they are made to the previously posted copy.

Full Commission
Finance Committee
Programs Committee
Ad Hoc Committee JPC Retreat Planning
Ad Hoc Committee Communications Task Force

Disability Access: The hearing room is wheelchair accessible.  Ramps are available at the Grove, Van Ness and McAllister entrances.
Disability Accommodation: Assistive listening devices, real time captioning, sign language interpreters, readers, large print agendas or other accommodations are available upon request.
Language Assistance: An interpreter for a specific item during the meeting is available upon request.

Please make your requests for disability access/accommodation or language assistance to the Commission Secretary Pauline Silva-Re (415) 753-7870, or by email at:
Pauline.Silva-Re@sfgov.org at least 72 hours prior to the meeting.