Marc Humphries - Director of Log Cabin Ranch

Marc HumphriesMarc Humphries was hired in November 2014 by San Francisco Juvenile Probation Department to serve as Director of Log Cabin Ranch. Marc Humphries graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from the University of Redlands in 1992 and began his career that same year working as a substance abuse counselor for Westcare’s private non-profit Residential Treatment Facility located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Marc was later promoted to Senior Counselor where his responsibilities included oversight of the treatment facility, policy development and grant reporting to the Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Abuse (later to be named SAMSHA). During this time, Marc achieved his license as a Certified Addiction and Dependency Counselor, and later explored outpatient counseling where he managed the adult chemical dependency program for the Holman Group located in Las Vegas, Nevada while working part time for Clark County’s Child Protective Services.

Marc was later hired in 1998 as a Juvenile Probation Officer and worked for Clark County’s Spring Mountain Youth Camp. During such time, Marc attended the POST Academy and earned his Peace Officer Standards Training Certification (POST) in 1999. As a Juvenile Probation Officer, Mr. Humphries took the initiative to develop a substance abuse program and worked collaboratively with the Clark County Health Department where their program was combined to offer both education pertaining to sexually transmitted diseases and substance abuse counseling for high risk youthful offenders that were committed to Spring Mountain Youth Camp. Marc also served as an assistant wrestling coach and head football coach while at Spring Mountain Youth Camp. Mr. Humphries was later promoted to Juvenile Probation Supervisor in 2003, where he served in several capacities such as policy revisions/development, emergency management planning, AWOL Coordinator, and completed the Clark County Leadership Academy.

In 2006, Mr. Humphries became the Chief for Nevada Youth Parole Bureau for the Department of Child and Family Services with the State of Nevada. During such time, Marc was tasked with providing aftercare parole services to youthful offenders who transitioned from state training facilities and residential treatment centers. This encompassed working with the various counties throughout the State of Nevada and providing supervision of five offices located throughout Nevada. Youthful offenders released from placement would receive services pertaining to education, restitution tracking for victims and counseling services pertaining to sexual offender, victim impact, substance abuse, trauma informed care, and the serious offenders grant program. State of Nevada Youth Parole Bureau was also responsible for handling coordination and supervision of Interstate Compact for Juveniles (ICJ) leaving or coming into Nevada. Marc also served as a member of the Nevada Association of Juvenile Justice Administrator’s (NAJJA) during his tenure.

Mr. Humphries later returned to Clark County to serve as Manager of Clark County’s Juvenile Detention Facility in 2008. During such time, Marc actively implemented Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiatives (JDAI) and participated with the Council of Juvenile Correctional Administrators (CJCA) Performance Based Standards (PbS) to improve conditions of confinement and provide alternatives to confinement by implementing the Detention Review and Release Program. Clark County Juvenile Detention Facility was recognized nationally as the runner-up to the PbS Barbara Allen Hagen Award for improving standards of confinement and supporting best practice outcome measures. Marc also served as the Departments Incident Commander as it relates to Emergency Management and Continuity of Operations and Planning (EMCOOP).

In 2012, Mr. Humphries was recruited by the Department of Youth and Rehabilitation Services in Washington DC, where he was hired as the Superintendent of New Beginnings and later served as Facilities/Operations Manager for both New Beginnings and the Youth Services Center. During this time, Mr. Humphries worked in a capacity under DYRS and the Court Arbiter to develop and implement strategies related to reducing assaults, budget development, meeting compliance standards for health and welfare inspections, maintaining client/staff ratios consistent with national best practice standards, enhancing the DC Model (MYSI Model) to incorporate cultural qualities unique to Washington DC, representing DYRS as one of six sites selected nationally to develop the Juvenile Justice Emergency Planning Committee under the American Institute for Research (AIR) and also participated on the Suicide Prevention Policy Committee.