Values, Vision and Mission

SF Juvenile Probation Department Values & Beliefs

  1. Dignity and respect is conveyed in all interactions with the youth and families, the public and each other
  2. Honesty, integrity and fairness are the foundations for our work
  3. Rehabilitation within the context of public safety is the foundation of our work with youth
  4. Teamwork assists the achievement of goals
  5. Quality and excellence drive our objectives
  6. Punctuality & timeliness propel effective interventions
  7. Professional commitment and follow-through enhance positive outcomes
  8. Change is a necessary ingredient to healthy organizations
  9. Professional development and continuing education strengthen effective interactions
  10. Effective communication guides positive responses
  11. Data-driven decision-making ensures positive outcomes
  12. Effective partnerships with all Juvenile Justice stakeholders is key to systemic success
  13. Diversity and inclusiveness increase organizational value and capacity
  14. Community voices/input help guide quality assurance and future direction
  15. Critical analysis assists in eliminating inefficiencies and waste
  16. Performance appraisals enhance productivity and job satisfaction
  17. Professional affiliations facilitate the advancement of professional values


SF Juvenile Probation Department Mission

It is the mission of the San Francisco Juvenile Probation Department to serve the needs of youth and families who are brought to our attention with care and compassion; to identify and respond to the individual risks and needs presented by each youth, to engage fiscally sound and culturally competent strategies that promote the best interests of the youth; to provide victims with opportunities for restoration; to identify and utilize the least restrictive interventions and placements that do not compromise public safety; to hold youth accountable for their actions while providing them with opportunities and assisting them to develop new skills and competencies; and contribute to the overall quality of life for the citizens of San Francisco within the sound framework of public safety as outlined in the Welfare & Institutions Code.


SF Juvenile Probation Department Vision

It is the vision of the San Francisco Juvenile Probation Department that effective models of intervention with youth are created in partnership with all Juvenile Justice stakeholders, thereby leading to reductions in juvenile delinquency. Youth and families involved with the juvenile justice system are strengthened to become more self-sufficient as a result of their contact with the Department. Victims and communities affected by juvenile crime are given opportunities to be heard and experience satisfaction through their active participation in the juvenile justice process. Our communities are safer due to continual reductions in juvenile crime and recidivism rates.