Access Plan Review Forms

Introduction to Access Plan Review Forms

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The Mayor’s Office on Disability (MOD) is the City’s overall ADA Coordinator, responsible for ensuring that all City programs, services, and facilities are accessible as required under the ADA. Since 1998, by Mayoral Directive, MOD has provided architectural plan check and field inspection services to ensure that all City-owned or City funded construction projects (City Projects) comply with the architectural access standards in the ADA, whether that work is performed by City staff or private construction contractors working on behalf of the City of San Francisco. For detailed information about MOD’s Project Review Process.

City Projects must be reviewed by either the Mayor’s Office on Disability (MOD) or the DPW Disability Access Coordinator (DPW DAC). DPW DAC reviews projects designed, managed, or built by DPW, and MOD reviews the rest including publicly funded affordable housing. The PORT and the Airport have their own ADA Coordinator reviews for projects under their jurisdiction.

These are the most common forms you will need when working with MOD’s Architectural Access Program: