ADA Transition Plan

IntroductionIntroduction ADA Transition Plan

The City and County of San Francisco has taken a progressive approach in its ADA Title II compliance efforts. In 1999 and 2000, it chose to conduct a reassessment of the physical accessibility of its buildings and facilities – many of which were renovated or replaced in response to the 504 Rehabilitation Act, ADA Title II and need for facility renewals. From this study, the Mayor’s Office on Disability developed the Uniform Physical Access Strategy (UPHaS). The concept is to prove a uniform level of physical access in its buildings and facilities, thus ensuring ADA Program Access for the public and opportunities employment for persons with disabilities. 100 projects have been initiated over ten years with a combined value of $46.3 million.

(Photograph of art students in front of the Bay View Opera House - holding signs “THIS PLACE MATTERS”. Renovations for accessibility in this historic facility are currently underway.)