ADA Transition Plan Priorities

The Mayor's Office on Disability (MOD) and the Mayor’s Disability Council (MDC) have worked together to develop priorities for the ADA Transition Plan's priorities for capital improvement projects. These efforts were developed during MDC committee meetings, workshops, and public hearings.
The Plan's top three priorities for funding prioritized as:

  1. Public Health Services (San Francisco General Hospital and Department of Public Health clinic sites).
  2. Social Services (Human Service Agency service sites and homeless shelters).
  3. Places of Public Assembly or Gathering (civic meeting sites and rooms, and SF Arts Commission community cultural center sites).

Within those priorities, there was agreement that funding should be allocated in the following sequence of alterations:

  1. Public use and programs service areas (entry, reception and waiting areas, service counters, toilet facilities, drinking fountains, mezzanine or second story access, etc.)
  2. Employee controlled public use or service areas (clinic area toilets, exam rooms, art studio classrooms, detention areas, etc)
  3. Employee work areas (work areas that provide accessible employment opportunities and employment accommodations)


The list of potential projects was developed in 2004 and is reassessed each year as the City’s needs, resources and accomplishments adjust.





Mayor’s Office on Disability’s ADA Transition Plan Projects

UPhAS ADA Transition Plan Project Listed by Department or Agency