MDC Meeting Participation Instructions

Mayor’s Disability Council Meeting Participation Instructions

How to Watch an MDC Meeting


Accessibility of virtual meetings is very important to us.  There are several ways to observe an MDC Meeting.

Cable TV

  1. You can watch the cable cast of the meeting on your television by going to public access Channel 26. 

Live Stream on SFGov.TV

  1. You can watch a live stream on your computer or other device:
  • Then click on Watch near the top of the page. 
  • Then click on “Watch SFGovTV”.   You will see a dark square area with an arrow in the middle.  Click on the arrow to watch the meeting live.

Zoom Webinar

  1. MDC meetings will be conducted using Zoom Webinar.  As an alternative to watching on TV or going to SFGov.TV, members of the public can observe the meeting with a computer, tablet or smartphone by following this Zoom link: 

Link to join Webinar

You can also join the webinar by phone: 

Dial in:   669-900-6833 

Webinar ID: 854 1955 0368


Making Public Comments at an MDC Meeting

We welcome the public’s participation during public comment periods.  There will be an opportunity for public comment at the beginning and end of the meeting, as well as after discussion items on MDC agendas. Each comment is limited to 3 minutes.  If you want the Council to respond to your comments following the meeting please provide your contact information by email message to with the subject “MDC comment reply request”.

Join the Zoom Webinar

By joining the MDC meeting as a webinar participant, members of the public will be able to make public comment directly during the public comment periods. 

To join the webinar with a computer, laptop or other device:

Link to join Webinar

To join the Zoom webinar using a telephone:

Dial in:   669-900-6833 

Webinar ID: 854 1955 0368

Making a public comment on Zoom

 If you join the webinar using your computer or tablet or smartphone Zoom app, click on the three horizontal dots icon and then click on “Raise Hand”.  You will be recognized when it’s your turn. 

You can also use the Q&A feature in Zoom webinar to be recognized or to make a comment.  If you wish to be recognized, type into the Q&A box that you want to make a comment and hit “send”.  You can also type your comment into the Q&A box, and the clerk will read it for you. 

If you join by phone, dial *9 when you want to be recognized.  You will be prompted when it’s your turn to make comments.

We welcome suggestions about how to make the MDC meetings more accessible.  Please send an email to