COVID-19 Disability Services landing page on SF.GOV, and a survey from Disability Voices United

Dear Disability Community Members: 

We hope that you are staying safe and healthy in these challenging times.  Today, Mayor’s Office on Disability (MOD) announces the launch of an informational COVID-19 services landing page for people with disabilities, and an opportunity for people with disabilities to take part in a survey regarding your COVID-related needs.

  1. Consolidated COVID-19 Response Information:  City Services for People with Disabilities now on SF.GOV:  Based on your feedback, San Francisco now has a landing page specifically for adults with disabilities (that is, any person with a disability over the age of 18) and older adults.  MOD recommends that you bookmark this page, as information is added here as new COVID-19 response programs launch.  You can access the information through the hyperlink above, by going to  “Get help” on, or by going directly to All information is also available by calling or contacting 311.

Please note that while this information is directed to adults with disabilities, families and parents of children with disabilities are welcome to use the referral supports as well.  Additional information specifically families, parents and children is forthcoming.

If you have feedback about this consolidated information, please do not hesitate to let us know at

  1. Disability Voices United COVID-19 Response Needs Assessment Survey:  Our colleagues at Disability Voices United are asking all people with disabilities to complete a survey that is looking at how COVID-19 is impacting disability communities.  The survey is currently available in English and Spanish.  While Disability Voices United is a nonprofit traditionally serving developmental disability communities, they emphasize that they are looking for response from all people with disabilities, regardless of the disability with which you most closely identify. 

For additional questions about this effort, please contact:

Judy Mark

President, Disability Voices United

Faculty, UCLA Disability Studies Program