John Romaidis, Deputy Director of Architectural Access

John Romaidis is the Deputy Director of our architectural access division. Mr. Romaidis oversees all aspects of architectural and physical accessibility compliance and technical assistance on behalf of MOD. This includes managing citywide capital improvement projects, overseeing the implementation of the Mayor's Executive Directives on expediting the production of housing consistent with ADA and access requirements, and collaboration with our colleagues in the Department of Public Works Curb Ramp Program and others to implement accessibility improvements in our public right of way. Mr. Romaidis advises the Director on budget needs, contract administration, and policy matters that directly pertain to architectural access.

Mr. Romaidis was an established builder and business owner prior to his employment with the City and brings over 30 years of construction experience and expertise to MOD. He is a Certified Access Specialist (CASp), an ICC certified California Commercial Plans Examiner, and an ICC certified California Commercial Building Inspector. He previously worked at the Department of Building Inspection and the Port of San Francisco where he performed plan reviews and inspections of buildings and facilities for compliance with access laws and regulations. Mr. Romaidis was born and raised in San Francisco and takes great pride in serving the people of our City.