In Remembrance, Joanna Fraguli (June 2, 1972-May 19, 2019)

Joanna joined the Mayor’s Office of Disability in 2006. In this time, Joanna played a leading role in ensuring that San Francisco’s implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act was consistent with our City’s progressive values. As a dedicated employee and as a woman with a disability, Joanna was a strong believer in social change through education and training. Her work helped ensure that San Francisco moves closer to inclusion and full social participation of all Deaf and disabled people.  Joanna developed the City’s first ever ADA Coordinator’s Training Academy, and she was equally passionate about employment, transportation, safety and disaster planning, and homecare equity for people with disabilities. 

Most of all, though, Joanna’s love for her family and kids was central to her life.  She survived by her husband Mike and their kids, Melina, Malcolm and Veneka, as well as her brother, sister and parents.  She taught them the values that she lived by–that disability equity and culture must continually be recognized and never separated from conversations of race and class, and that the voices of people with disabilities must always be heard. 

Her unique style and approach, and her humor, will never be forgotten.

May she rest in power always.

Below is a photo of Joanna as we will remember her best – smiling.

Joanna Fraguli, Deputy Director of Programmatic Access