UPhAS ADA Transition Plan Project Lists by Departments or Agencies

The Americans with Disabilities Act ADA Title IIrequirements for state and local governments does not require a public entity to make each of its existing facilities physically accessible; it has an obligation to provide Program Access. The City of San Francisco chose to exceed the minimum required whenever possible however and this is reflected in the City's Uniform Physical Access Strategy (UPhAS) ADA Transition Plan for Buildings and Facilities. The Plan seeks to provide a uniform level of physical access in public service areas, and to provide accessible employment facilities.


All new construction, alteration and barrier removal projects, facility replacements, relocations and lease improvements are considered as the foundation of the Plan. In addition a significant number of facilities were made accessible prior to the enactment of the ADA and prior to the enactment of this Plan. When there are exceptions to this approach the exceptions are noted in the foreword of each facility group report listed below.

As a measure of performance, Mayor's Office on Disability tracks all new construction, alteration and ADA barrier removal projects and compares these against a 1999-2000 accessibility inventory, survey and assessment of city buildings and facilities. The survey and assessment was organized in the list of categories as follows. For continuity, we continue to track performance based on the system of facility assessments established in 1999-2000.
The following is the report on each facility group as of July 2014.

Administrative Services and Real Estate Department 
Assemblies and Cultural Centers
Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA & MUNI)
Public Works
Human Services Agency
Port of San Francisco
Public Utilities Commission
Recreation and Parks Department
Adult and Juvenile Probation
Fire Department
Police Department
Sherriff’s Departments
Public Library
Public Health Department
San Francisco International Airport