Visit SF GOV for COVID-19 Information Summaries

Dear Colleagues and Community Members:

As we work through this public health emergency together, we at the Mayor’s Office on Disability are very aware of our rapidly-evolving information landscape.  In response to requests from disability community members that information be simplified and provided in a digestible, accessible format, our colleagues in Digital Services have worked with the Mayor’s Office to develop this COVID-19 Information Summary page. 

This page is available via and is updated as soon as new information becomes available.   The Summary will link you to other websites and information, if you would like to do a deeper-dive into the content.

Also, for those who cannot easily sign-up for text alerts about COVID-19, or for those who do not have access to texting, you can now view current text alerts via the web.

We know, too, that many in our community do not have easy access to electronic resources.  As we prepare for the weekend, please remember to check on your neighbors, and make sure that everyone is sharing  the most accurate and updated information.  The Information Summary page is a good place to start.

We are diligently working to improve the accessibility of all of the information we provide.  If you have difficulty accessing any City-provided content, please contact MOD at or 415 554-6789.

Best wishes for a safe and healthy weekend,

Nicole Bohn


SF Mayor’s Office on Disability

1155 Market Street 1st Floor

Office: (415) 554-6789



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