Mayor Farrell Releases Report on Cost-Savings and Benefits from Proposed Citywide Fiber Network

Wednesday, May 9, 2018
Mayor Mark Farrell

The new report shows the Fiber for San Francisco initiative can save taxpayer dollars and generate new revenue for the City.

Mayor Mark Farrell today announced the release of a new City report detailing potential cost-savings and revenue generating opportunities from his proposed citywide fiber network that seeks to connect all of San Francisco to fast and affordable internet.

“Our citywide fiber network will not only eliminate the digital divide, but will also save precious taxpayer dollars and generate new revenue for the City,” said Mayor Mark Farrell. “I believe the internet should be treated like a utility - which means it should be affordable and ubiquitous for all of San Francisco’s residents and businesses.”

The report found that the City has an estimated $153 million in planned projects through the 2022 Fiscal Year that would require or benefit from the deployment of a gigabit speed network. These planned costs can be offset once the network is constructed.