Quality of Life: Mayor Announces Safe & Clean Neighborhoods Initiatives

Friday, May 20, 2016
Quality of Life:  Mayor Announces Safe & Clean Neighborhoods Initiatives

Mayor Edwin M. Lee today launched the Safe and Clean Neighborhoods Promise, a new initiative to improve the quality of life in all of San Francisco’s neighborhoods with a new comprehensive and coordinated approach to delivering City services better and faster to neighborhoods. The Mayor issued an Executive Directive to Department Heads that are responsible for neighborhood quality of life issues directing them to prioritize and focus on programs and services so that all residents feel safe in their homes and neighborhoods and that all residents have access to clean, well maintained public spaces and facilities, such as parks, public transportation, sidewalks, and streets. To ensure success, Mayor Lee also announced a series of Neighborhoods Promise new funding including expanded street cleaning and Pit Stops and the hiring of more police officers to walk beats in the neighborhoods.

“In times of great prosperity, City government can do more to improve the quality of life and sense of personal safety in the neighborhoods, and to make our City more livable for residents and visitors,” said Mayor Lee. “We make this promise to the residents of San Francisco to ensure that your neighborhood is safe and clean. This Safe and Clean Neighborhoods Promise will be more than words – it will be the organizing principle for the thousands of City employees who work every day on the streets, in our parks, and with our businesses. If we identify something that needs fixing, we ought to fix it right then and there.”