Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I register to become a City Supplier?

A: Visit https://sfcitypartner.sfgov.org/pages/index.aspx

Q: What if I need help or have questions with the registration process?

A. Visit https://sfcitypartner.sfgov.org/pages/contact.aspx, call 415-944-2442, or email sfcitypartnersupport@sfgov.org

Q: I have a question on a construction project?

A: Construction projects are managed by the Department of Public Works at:
    DPW Contracts Administration
    Phone: 415-554-6229
    E-mail: contractadmin.staff@sfdpw.org

Q: I want to obtain information on a past city bid event/project or contract?

A: Submit a records request to the following: oca.records@sfgov.org,
    Please provide as much information as you know about the specific project/contract you are looking for.

Q: What if I forgot my supplier ID?

A: Visit https://sfcitypartner.sfgov.org/pages/contact.aspxcall 415-944-2442, or email sfcitypartnersupport@sfgov.org

Q: What is e-Procurement?

A: e-Procurement is the process in which an organization may conduct their procurement activities such as bidding through the internet. The City and County of San Francisco conducts  eProcurement via an enterprise version of PeopleSoft. Companies and individuals who wish to electronically bid on procurement opportunites should reference the PeopleSoft traning materials that            reposted online at San Francisco's centralized vendor portal.