Emergency Purchasing

Extending Contracts Pursuant to the 47th Supplement
Document Purpose
File Guidance on the 13th, 35th and 47th Supplements.docx Provides guidance on the 13th, 35th and 47th Supplements, including the extension of agreements for which no additional purchasing authority exists and issuing new emergency contracts. 
New Emergency Contracts
Document Purpose
PDF icon FEMA Purchasing and Contracting Requirements when Responding to a Declared Emergency is Deemed a Non-Emergency or Non-Exigency  Explains FEMA considerations and purchasing guidelines when the response to a declared emergency is no longer urgent.
This appendix should be attached to all non-negotiable purchase orders not associated with any contract or purchase orders issued against existing contracts that do not contain the stated FEMA requirements.
This appendix should be attached all newly negotiated contracts and grants or as amendments to existing contracts.
This appendix should be attached to all contracts and/or purchase orders for construction services.



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