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Local Business Enterprise:

The City’s Local Business Enterprise (LBE) promotes the participation of certified local businesses in City contracts by offering certain benefits that make their bids/proposals/qualifications more competitive than those submitted by non-local businesses.

To receive these benefits, a business must first be certified by the San Francisco Contract Monitoring Division as a Local Business Enterprise (“LBE" Certification), PUC Local Business Enterprise (“PUC-LBE" Certification) or Non-Profit Entity ("NPE" Certification). LBE, PUC-LBE and NPE Certifications are limited to businesses that meet various requirements and guidelines established by the City, the most important of which is the requirement that a business be headquartered in San Francisco or, if bidding on a SFPUC Hetch Hetchy Waterway System contracts, headquartered within the “SFPUC Water System Area.”

For morel information on LBE, PUC-LBE or NPE certification and compliance, please visit the City Administrator's Contract Monitoring Division.