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  1. Bids & Contracts Database
  2. The City's Purchase Process (=Vendor Info)
  3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (=Vendor Info #6)
  4. How to Qualify to Do Business with the City (=Vendor Info #2)
  5. Non-Profit Contracting                (=NPC Task Force Website)
  6. City Ordinances That Affect Contracting (=Vendor Info # 7) 

Vendor Information

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  1. The City's Purchasing Process,
  2. How the City meets its purchasing needs,
  3. Purchasing Responsibilities (with rules and regulations)

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Vendor Opportunities

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  1. OCA Database
  2. List of Active, awarded term contracts
  3. Other Departments' Database
  4. OCA RSS feeds

About Us

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  1. Mission Statement
  2. Management team
  3. Purchasers
  4. Related Links