Public Records Requests

The Office of Contract Administration (OCA) public records request process is structured in accordance with the SF Sunshine Ordinance (Chapter 67 of the San Francisco Administrative Code) and the California Public Records Act (California Govt. Code § 6250 et seq). Per the Sunshine Ordinance: “Government’s duty is to serve the public, reaching its decisions in full view of the public.” OCA believes strongly in the right of citizens to access information concerning the conduct of their government and is committed to conducting all activities with full transparency and openness. 

How to Request Public Records

OCA has a Custodian of Records whose duties include receiving and responding to requests for public records. 

Requests for records through the Office of Contract Administration can be submitted at

Any member of the public with questions about the Office of Contract Administration’s public records request policy or procedures may contact the Custodian of Public Records at (415) 554-6743. 

Time Allowed to Respond to a Request for Public Records

The Office of Contract Administration responds to all requests for public records as promptly as reasonably possible, and provides responsive records, if any, as soon as possible after they are available. 

Per Chapter 67 of the San Francisco Administrative Code, the OCA is allowed 10 calendar days to respond to a public records request. In certain circumstances, the OCA may extend its time to respond by an additional 14 calendar days. If the OCA extends the time to respond, the department will notify the requesting party in writing within the initial 10-day response period of the reason(s) for the extension and the estimated date of response. During the current public health emergency, the department is not required to provide copies of records by these deadlines but must notify the requester whether the records exist.

Immediate Disclosure Requests - Unavailable during the current public health emergency

Additional information

Information about the Sunshine Ordinance public records requests process in general is also available at the following City websites: 

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