Purchasing and Contracting Guidelines

SF Admin Code Chapter 21 with Rules and Regulations IncorporatedOverview of Purchasing and ContractingMulti-Year Direct Contracting: Checklists & Templates
Emergency PurchasingProcurement of Training ServicesProcurement of Gift Cards
Citywide Contracts for Commonly Purchased Goods and Services
Citywide Term ContractsCitywide CopySmart Program (Leasing Copiers)Citywide Uniforms & Shoes Programs (Purchasing Uniforms and Shoes)
One time Non-IT Purchases
Prop Q Purchases One-Time Non-IT Purchases under 10K Req to PO Purchases One-Time Non-IT Purchases over $10K
Technology Purchasing
Technology Purchasing OverviewOption 1: Technology Marketplace ContractsOption 3: Public Bidding/Direct Contracting

Waiver Requests

Requests to Waive Solicitation RequirementsRequest a 12X WaiverRequest a 12T Waiver





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