Qualify to Do Business

Doing Business with the City

How to become Eligible to Do Business with the City:

Companies and individuals who wish to do business with the City and County can register online and submit necessary compliance forms via San Francisco’s centralized vendor portal. Training materials are available at the portal website that will help prospective vendors navigate the City’s registration and electronic payment processes.

Supplemental Forms for Vendors:

The City and County of San Francisco requires Suppliers to comply with multiple ordinances.

Below are a series of supplemental forms and/or requirements that Suppliers may need to complete as part of the bidding or contracting processes. Depending on the nature of the transaction, different City terms and conditions shall apply. For a list of City contract templates, go to: https://sfgov.org/oca/resources.


Required If:

Business Tax         


All Suppliers are required to register and/or file a declaration of Not Doing Business in San Francisco the City Tax Collector. 
Nondiscrimination in Contracts (Equal Benefits) 12B Compliance is required on nearly all City contracts. If a supplier is not compliant, the City can only do business with them if the Contract Monitoring Division grants a waiver.

Minimum Compensation Ordinance (MCO) Declaration


Applicable to contracts for Services when you have at least $25,000 in cumulative annual business with a City department and have more than 5 employees, including employees of any parent, subsidiaries and subcontractors.

Health Care Accountability Ordinance (HCAO) Declaration

Applicable to contracts for Services when you have at least $25,000 ($50,000 for non-profit organizations) in cumulative annual business with a City department or departments and have more than 20 employees (more than 50 employees for nonprofit organizations), including employees of any parent, subsidiaries or subcontractors.

First Source Hiring Program


Applicable to all new and amended contracts > $50K except those for Equipment Leases and Software Agreements without labor.

Insurance (pdf)

Applicable where the solicitation requires the successful bidder to demonstrate proof of insurance.

Payment (Labor and Material) Bond (pdf

Applicable where the solicitation requires the awarded vendor to post a Payment (Labor and Material) bond.

Performance Bond (pdf

Applicable where the solicitation requires the awarded vendor to post a Performance bond.

Local Business Enterprise Program Application (Contract Monitoring Division)

Applicable where the solicitation requires that you participate in the City’s Local Business Enterprise Program which helps City-certified local businesses increase their ability to compete effectively for City contracts.

Sweatfree Contracting Ordinance


Applicable where the solicitation involves for apparel and/or linen requires the awarded vendor to submit a supply chain diagram similar to the example posted here

Other Common Ordinances that May be Applicable:

Ordinance: Code Section: Requirements:


States with discriminatory LGBTQ laws, restrictive abortion law and restrictive voter rights

Subject to certain exceptions, City solicitation are subject to the requirements of Administrative Code Chapter 12X, which prohibits the City from entering into a contract with a Bidder that has its headquarters in a State that has enacted laws that perpetuate discrimination against LGBT people; prohibits abortion prior to the viability of the fetus; and/or restricts or suppresses voting rights. 

False Claims

Chapter 21, section 21.35

Imposes liability if a vendor files a false claim for payment or approval of payment against the City.

Food Service Waste Reduction

Environment Code, Chapter 16

Restricts the types of food containers and utensils a vendor may use.

Guaranteed Maximum Costs

Chapter 21, section 21.19


Notifies vendors that City's obligation shall not exceed the amount of the contract.

Limitations on Contributions

Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code, Article 1, Chapter 1, section 1.126

Prohibits vendor from making campaign contributions to any government official that has approval authority over the contract.

MacBride Principles

Chapter 12F


None. City encourages vendors to abide by the MacBride Principles, which relate to Northern Ireland.

Preservative-treated wood containing arsenic

Environment Code, Chapter 13

Restricts purchase of wood.

Prohibition on Political Activity with City funds

Chapter 12G


City funds may not be used to influence a political campaign for a candidate or ballot measure.

Protection of private information

Chapter 12M


Neither the City nor a vendor or subcontractor shall release private information except under specified conditions.

Public Access to Meetings and Records

Chapter 12L


Vendor must provide access to specified records.

Resource Conservation

Environment Code, Chapter 5

Vendor must make efforts to conserve resources.

Slavery Era Disclosure

Chapter 12Y

Requires vendor to investigate company history.

Sunshine Ordinance

Chapter 67, section 67.24(e)


Defines which records are public records and so must be disclosed upon request.

Tropical hardwood and virgin redwood ban

Environment Code, Chapter 8, Section 804(b)

Restricts purchases of hardwoods and redwood.