K2C Testimonials

Imielee Morales
8th Grade Student at Visitation Valley Middle School

“Saving money now will help me because one of the major obstacles for first-generation college students is financial security as they apply for college. With some emergency financial support thanks to K2C, I will be able to apply for college without worrying too much about whether I can afford to go.”
Guangyu Zhou
Guangyu Zhou
5th Grade Student at Edwin and Anita Lee Newcomer School

“In the future I want to attend a better university and be successful. Saving money for college can help me to have sufficient financial support to accomplish my future college dream.”
Simram Phojanakong
7th Grader Presidio Middle School

“Saving now will help my family fund my college dreams. If I save now, I will have more time to study instead of work. It will relieve stress on my family's finances and help me feel secure about being able to go to college and to achieve my dreams.”
Kloe Sierra Helmuth
5th Grade Student at Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary School

“Saving money is important because it will help to pay for my college education. College is very expensive. I have been saving money for college since I was a baby.”
Sophia Truong
8th Grade Student at Roosevelt Middle School

"I understand that college costs a pretty penny and that I need to save up young to afford to attend. I have already been saving since I was five years old and will continue to do so to achieve my dreams."
Se Forde
7th Grade Student at Gateway Middle School

“Saving at an early age will help my money grow overtime. Once in college, the money that I have saved up will relieve me of being in a pool of debt.”
Crystal Tan
8th Grade student a James Denman Middle School

“Since college is so expensive, saving now can help reduce my college debt in the future. Not only that but saving can also allow me to choose colleges that are more expensive.”