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Health Care Security Ordinance and the Coronavirus

Consistent with the Mayor's February 25th, 2020 Emergency Proclamationthe City is cancelling the employer requirement to submit the 2019 Annual Reporting Form for the Health Care Security Ordinance and the Fair Chance Ordinance.  This only means that the 2019 Annual Reporting Form does not need to be submitted to OLSE.  Employers must continue to make health care expenditures on behalf of their Covered Employees by making City Option payments and/or paying for health insurance.

The Health Care Security Ordinance (HCSO), along with all other San Francisco labor laws, remains in full effect.  The HCSO requires that employers make Health Care Expenditures (health insurance, City Option payments, etc) on behalf of their workers.  HCSO-mandated health care expenditures are not a tax, and therefore there are no deferrals for these expenditures.

San Francisco workers need access to health care services now more than ever.  The Office of Labor Standards Enforcement expects that all covered employers will continue to fully comply with their legal obligation to make full payments within 30 days of the end of each quarter.  The deadline for Q1 2020 expenditures is April 30, 2020.

For business assistance resources during the coronavirus outbreak, go to


PDF icon 2020 HCSO Poster - must be posted at all workplaces or job sites.

Webinar: Self-Funded Insurance Plans: HCSO Calculation Instructions for Employer​ - January 10, 2020


Under the Health Care Security Ordinance (HCSO), all covered employers must meet the following obligations:

1. Satisfy the Employer Spending Requirement by making required health care expenditures on a quarterly basis on behalf of all covered employees (those who have been employed for more than 90 days and who regularly work at least 8 hours per week in San Francisco) at the following rates:

Employer Size

Number of Workers 2020 Expenditure Rate 2021 Expenditure Rate


All employers w/ 100+ workers $3.08 per hour payable  $3.18 per hour payable


Businesses w/ 20-99 workers
Nonprofits w/ 50-99 workers
$2.05 per hour payable  $2.12 per hour payable


Businesses w/ 0-19 workers
Nonprofits w/ 0-49 workers
  Exempt   Exempt
  • 2020 Exemption Threshold: managerial, supervisory, and confidential employees who earn more than $104,761 (or $50.37 per hour) are exempt.  More information and rates from prior years are available here.

2. Maintain records sufficient to establish compliance with the employer spending requirement.

3. Post the PDF icon 2020 HCSO Poster in all workplaces with covered employees.

4. Submit an Annual Reporting Form to the OLSE by April 30th of each year.

If you have questions about the San Francisco Health Care Security Ordinance or wish to report a violation of the law, call 415-554-7892 or email

Statutory Authority

Advisory: The HCSO Administrative Guidance has not been revised to reflect all of the changes that took effect on January 1, 2017.  Certain provisions of this Guidance, therefore, may not be consistent with the Health Care Security Ordinance ("HCSO"), Administrative Code Chapter 14.  In particular, no provision of the Guidance should be interpreted to mean that anything other than fully irrevocable Health Care Expenditures can be counted toward the employer spending requirement, as of first quarter of 2017.  In any instance where the Administrative Guidance, or the Regulations, conflict with the Ordinance, the Ordinance itself governs and should be followed instead.  Contact OLSE for more information.

A. Overview
B. Covered Employers
C. Covered Employees
D. Calculating Required Health Care Expenditures
E. Making Required Health Care Expenditures
F. Revocable & Irrevocable Health Care Expenditures
G. Contributing to the City Option
H. Employer Notice-Posting Requirement

I. Employer Recordkeeping Requirements
J. Employer Reporting Requirements
K. Health Surcharges
L. Retaliation Prohibited
M. Filing a Complaint
N. Penalties
O. HCSO and the Affordable Care Act


Download the PDF icon HCSO Administrative Guidance

Filing a ComplaintHCSO Complaint Form English

To report a violation of the Health Care Security Ordinance, please complete the HCSO Complaint Form and submit it to the Office of Labor Standards Enforcement, or call (415) 554-7892.

OLSE Health Care Security Ordinance Complaint Form (PDFs)
PDF icon English  PDF icon Spanish  PDF icon Chinese

You can email it to, fax it to (415) 554-6291, or bring it to the OLSE office at:

City Hall, Room 430 
Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place
San Francisco, CA 94102


Forms & Documents 2020 HCSO Poster

Annual Reporting

Employers covered by the Health Care Security Ordinance are required to submit the Employer Annual Reporting Form by April 30 each year or face penalties of up to $500 per quarter. The 2018 Employer Annual Reporting form is no longer available. The 2019 form will be available in April 2020.

PDF icon HCSO Annual Reporting Summary for 2014-2017

San Francisco City Option

One way that employers may comply with the HCSO’s spending requirement is by making contributions to the SF City Option on behalf of their covered employees. Depending upon eligibility, employees who receive these contributions will receive:

(1) enrollment in a SF Medical Reimbursement Account, a health care account with funds that can be used for eligible health care expenses incurred by the employee, the employee's spouse or registered domestic partner, and the employee's dependents; or

(2) enrollment in a SF Covered Medical Reimbursement Account, a health care spending account for employees enrolled in a health insurance plan through Covered California; or

(3) free or discounted enrollment into Healthy San Francisco, a health care access program designed to make health care services available and affordable to uninsured San Francisco residents.

 Health Care Surcharges

  • Businesses are neither required to, nor prohibited from, imposing surcharges on their customers to offset the cost of complying with the Health Care Security Ordinance. However, employers that elect to impose such surcharges must comply with specific requirements.
  • On May 1, 2009, the State Board of Equalization issued a Special Notice (PDF) regarding the taxability of such surcharges. To reach the State Board of Equalization, please call (800) 400-7115.

Contact Us 

  • Please email or call (415) 554-7892 with any questions regarding your rights and responsibilities under the San Francisco Health Care Security Ordinance.
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