Paid Parental Leave Ordinance




Employees who receive California Paid Family Leave benefits to bond with a new child are entitled to up to 8 weeks of supplemental compensation from their employer.  Employers with 20 or more employees worldwide PPLO Poster are covered by the law.

A “Covered Employee” entitled to supplemental compensation under the PPLO is an employee:

  1. Who began employment with the covered employer at least 180 days prior to the start of the leave period; 
  2. Who performs at least eight hours of work per week for the employer in San Francisco;
  3. At least 40% of whose total weekly hours worked for the employer are in San Francisco; and
  4. Who is eligible to receive paid family leave compensation under the California Paid Family Leave law for the purpose of bonding with a new child.
During the leave period, employers are required to provide supplemental compensation in an amount such that the California Paid Family Leave wage replacement plus the supplemental compensation equals 100% of the employee’s gross weekly wage, subject to a cap. The 2022 PPLO Cap is $2,567 per week.

Employees must first apply for California Paid Family Leave before seeking San Francisco Paid Parental Leave benefits.  To apply for California Paid Family Leave, contact the EDD or visit the EDD website.
  • The State Paid Family Leave wage replacement rate is 60% or 70%, subject to a maximum benefit amount, with the higher percentage for those employees earning 30% or less of the California average wage.

If you have questions about the San Francisco Paid Parental Leave Ordinance or wish to report a violation of the law, call 415-554-4190 or email

Statutory Authority

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed the Paid Parental Leave Ordinance on April 12, 2016.

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