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San Francisco Police Commissioners


Commissioner Hirsch

Police Commisioner Taylor Damali


Robert Hirsch

Damali Taylor
Vice President


Commissioner Petra DeJesus

Commissioner Thomas Mazzucco

Comissioner John Hamasaki

Cindy Elias

Police Commissioner Dion Jay Brookter

Petra DeJesus

Thomas Mazzucco

John Hamasaki

Cindy Elias

DionJay Brookter

Sergeant Jayme Campbell

About the Police Commission

The mission of the Police Commission is to set policy for the Police Department and to conduct disciplinary hearings on charges of police misconduct filed by the Chief of Police or Director of the Office of Citizen Complaints, impose discipline in such cases as warranted, and hear police officers’ appeals from discipline imposed by the Chief of Police.

Commissioners are appointed by the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors and they oversee the Police Department and the Department of Police Accountability. The Commission also appoints and regulates Patrol Special Officers and may suspend or dismiss Patrol Special Officers after a hearing on charges filed.

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Notices: The San Francisco Police Commission meets every Wednesday. The location and time may vary. Please check the latest agenda for exact place and time for the next meeting. Inquires should be directed to the Secretary.

Accessibility Information: Assistive listening devices, real time captioning, sign language interpreters or other accommodations are available upon request to the Police Commission Office at (v) 415-553-1667 or (TTY) 415-553-1668. Requesting accommodations at least 72 hours prior to the meeting will help to ensure availability.

Language Assistance: To request an interpreter for a specific item during the meeting, please contact the Police Commission Office at (v) 415-553-1667 or (TTY) 415-553-1668. Requests at least 72 hours prior to the meeting will help to ensure availability.

Personal Information:  Members of the public are not required to provide personal identifying information or personal contact information such as phone numbers or addresses when they communicate with the Police Commission. Written communications may be submitted anonymously and need not include personal contact information. All written communications, including personal identifying or contact information, may be made available to the public for inspection and copying upon request and may appear on the Commission’s website or in other public documents. Personal identifying or contact information will not be redacted.


Police Commission Announcements

Police Commission Documents

Statement of Incompatible Activities for members of the San Francisco Police Commission

PDF iconPolice Commission disciplinary Penalty Guidelines.pdf

Body Camera Policy Material (PDFs)

Racial Profiling Assessment (PDF)

SFPD District Station Boundary Analysis (PDF)

Disciplinary Hearings Rules and Procedural Rules. Adopted 4/27/11 (PDF)

PDF iconPolice Commission Rules for Administrative Appeals

Police Commission Rules of Order (PDF)

Vision Zero Enforcement Report 2nd Quarter 2015 (PDF)

PDF iconSFPD Q4 2015 Early Intervention System Panel Meeting.pdf

IAD Sustained Complaints

DPA Sustained Complaints

Disciplinary Actions "Veronese" Reports

IAD Resolution (PDF) DPA Complaint Procedures Reports By Year
Chief's Decision Issued Chief's Decision Issued  
Pending Chief's Decision Pending Chief's Decision