30 Day Correspondence to Police Commission

Members of the public are not required to provide personal identifying information or personal contact information such as phone numbers or addresses when they communicate with the Police Commission. Written communications may be submitted anonymously and need not include personal contact information. All written communications, including personal identifying or contact information, may be made available to the public for inspection and copying upon request and may appear on the Commission’s website or in other public documents. Personal identifying or contact information will not be redacted.




PDF icon Justice for Aubrey Abrakasa_0_0.pdf




August 20 2021

PDF icon History with Hamasaki correspondence.pdf

August 24 2021

PDF icon SFPD on Fox News.pdf

August 27 2021

PDF icon John Hamasaki need to be removed from the Police Commission.pdf

September 1 2021

PDF icon Public Comment 9_1_2021 Police Commission Meeting.pdf

September 7 2021

PDF icon Prop B Loophole.pdf

PDF icon Hamasaki needs to go.pdf

PDF icon Remove Hamasaki.pdf

PDF icon anonymous corres1.pdf

September 14 2021

PDF icon Public Opinion request for 09_15_2021 agenda.pdf

PDF icon In Support of Commissioner Hamasaki's Freedom of Speach.pdf

September 15 2021

PDF icon Public comment for agenda item #9 DGO 5.16 set for 9_15_21.pdf

PDF icon Rule changes on search warrants needs much more & more critical examination!.pdf

PDF icon SFDA Police Commission DGO 5.16_9.14.21 FINAL signed.pdf

PDF icon ACLU NC Comments to SF Police Commission.pdf

September 20 2021

PDF icon Fw_ Push for Transparency.pdf

PDF icon hamming it up with hamasaki1.pdf