30 Day Correspondence to Police Commission

Members of the public are not required to provide personal identifying information or personal contact information such as phone numbers or addresses when they communicate with the Police Commission. Written communications may be submitted anonymously and need not include personal contact information. All written communications, including personal identifying or contact information, may be made available to the public for inspection and copying upon request and may appear on the Commission’s website or in other public documents. Personal identifying or contact information will not be redacted.




June 8 2020

PDF iconjun 8 2020 correspondence.pdf

June 9 2020

PDF iconjun 9 2020 correspondence.pdf

June 10 2020

PDF iconJun 10 2020 correspondence.pdf

June 11 2020

PDF iconJun 11 2020 correspondence.pdf

June 12 2020

PDF iconJun 12 2020 correspondence.pdf

June 25 2020

PDF iconGeorge Floyd, Tyree Crawford, Frank Smart, Philando Castle, Paul O'Neal...and Many Others.pdf

June 26 2020

PDF iconFINAL BayLegal Letter to Police Commission re Proposal.pdf

PDF iconDPALtr_Attachment_ResolutionDGO Process.pdf

PDF iconDPA slide1.pdf

July 1 2020

PDF iconItem #3, Mtg. of July 1st -- Resolution on DGO Revision Deadlines.pdf

July 6 2020

PDF iconBASF Letter to SF Police Commission re Body Worn Cameras 7.6.2020.pdf

July 7 2020

PDF iconSupport of updated Use of Force Policy.pdf

PDF iconpoliceviolencereducingpaper052020MacAir.pdf

PDF iconMeet & Confer issues -- Item #7.a., Meeting of July 8th.pdf

PDF iconEarly Intervention System -- Item 2.a. (Chief's Report), Meeting of July 8th.pdf