Deputy Chief Denise Schmitt

SFPD Deputy Chief Denise Schmitt

The Airport Bureau of the San Francisco Police Department was established on July 1, 1997, as the successor to the San Francisco International Airport Police. The SFPD Airport Bureau fully embraces the principles of community-oriented policing.

Within the Bureau, there are a number of specialized police units dedicated to the safety and security of San Francisco International Airport. In addition to the officers who provide daily patrol of the Airport, other units include:

  • K-9 teams: The K-9s work closely with several explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) technicians, also dedicated to the Airport Bureau.
  • Dignitary Protection: This team works in conjunction with federal, state, and foreign law enforcement to provide security for high-level dignitaries.
  • Traffic Accident Investigation
  • Ground Transportation Enforcement
  • Motorcycles
  • Cargo Theft Task Force
  • Bicycle Patrol Unit
  • DEA Task Force (Drug Enforcement Administration)
  • REACT Task Force (Computer-related crimes)
  • Public Information Office
  • Investigation Services: Liaison with the San Mateo Sheriff's Office Detectives
  • Community Police Services Aide: The Community Police Services Aide provide traffic control and enforcement for the Airport as well as airfield entry control and perimeter security.

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The SFPD Airport Bureau maintains these units at the Airport because of the high level of security. The additional resources of SFPD continually support those of the Airport Bureau.

In addition to providing basic police services to San Francisco International Airport, the SFPD Airport Bureau has the responsibility to enforce the Airport's Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) security plan, and to support the individual security plans of the airlines. The San Francisco Police Department's Airport Bureau also plays a crucial role in the Airport's emergency response capabilities.