Notes Used During Presentation at the January 12th Town Hall to Address the January 6th Officer Involved Shooting

The following notes were used during the presentation at a Town Hall Meeting held on January 12, 2017 at the Lovie and Minnie Ward Recreation Center.


0355 hrs
• Two uniformed patrol officers dispatched to a restraining order violation.
• Both officers are in uniform and were equipped with body worn cameras that were activated during the call.
0415 hrs
• Officers arrived and one officer contacted reporting party, a neighbor, of the resident at 515 Capitol Street.
• Reporting party reports he has a restraining order against his neighbor, and the neighbor is violating the order by banging on the adjoining wall of the houses. One officer obtained a copy of the restraining order from the reporting party and officers contact the resident at 515 Capitol, identified as Sean Moore.
• In the initial contact with Mr. Moore the officers attempt to discuss the restraining order violation with Mr. Moore who is standing behind a locked gate.
• Verbal Profanities
• No questions answered
• Moore returns inside residence
• Officers walk down steps to sidewalk and discuss Restraining Order.
• More reopens front door, initially remains behind gate, and begins yelling profanities at officers.
• Officers walk upstairs and attempt to ask question again on restraining order.
• After short period of shouting Moore opens gate, steps onto steps and is now standing above officers.
• Verbal shouting continues, Moore grabs the restraining order papers from one officer, and pepper spray is deployed.
• One officer is kicked in the face by Moore and suffers injury.
• Moore retreats to his residence.
• Officers walk back down stairs to sidewalk and call for an ambulance for injuries to officer’s face and for pepper spray for Mr. Moore and one officer.
• Moore reopens front door, throws restraining order paperwork into middle of the stairs, and then exits from behind the closed gate.
• Officers tell Mr. Moore he is under arrest. Verbal profanities from Moore
• Moore walks down the stairs and begins retrieving the restraining order paperwork
• Officers move to arrest more and officer strikes Moore to lower body with baton.
• Moore punches one officer in face knocking him off the stairs to the sidewalk.
• Moore advances towards second officer who fires weapon as he falls off the stairs to the sidewalk.
• Moore retreats to his residence.

Post OIS:
• Officers set up command post and attempt to contact Moore.
• Moore makes a call to 911 indicating that he was shot.
• After approximately an hour and twenty minutes of attempting to contact Moore,
without positive results, and with, concern for the health of Mr. Moore a tactical plan is
deployed to contact Moore.
• Entry made to the residence and Mr. Moore taken into custody
• Transported to SFGH.
• Currently under care in ICU.

• Both officers BWC captured the incident
• There are additional BWC from responding officers being reviewed.
• Search of surrounding area for video UTL.
• If community has any please contact SFPD for retrieval.

• Evidence indicates two shots were fired by one officer.

• Reporting party interviewed and both officers interviewed
• DA, DAI, OCC were contacted, were at the scene, and are conducting their investigations.
• Release of names. (Ten days)