SFPD Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)

SFPD Crisis Intervention Team image with SFPD officer talking to person on the street

Fourth Annual CIT Awards Ceremony

The CIT Awards Ceremony were held on Thursday, June 21, 2018 to recognize SFPD Police Officers and Emergency Management Dispatchers who demonstrate excellence in the use of CIT principles and skills.

What is the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)?

The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) is comprised of community members, mental health advocates, health service providers, and police officers working together to provide cutting edge training for law enforcement officers. The goal of CIT is to instruct officers how to effectively manage behavioral crisis situations in the field. The training is designed to teach officers how to manage individuals in behavioral crisis using de-escalation techniques and time, distance, and cover for the safety of all individuals. CIT training provides an additional set of tools that officers can utilize to de-escalate situations and obtain a safe and positive outcome for the officer and consumer. This is accomplished by teaching officers the inner workings of a crisis, including the feelings and emotions (or lack thereof) an individual experiences during a crisis situation.

CIT curriculum addresses the following topics: Verbal De-escalation Scenarios;  Mental Health Disorders; Medical Issues; Psychotropic Drugs and Side Effects; Juvenile Mental Health; Geriatric Mental Health; Family Perspective by the National Alliance on Mental Illness; Suicide and Suicide Intervention; Dual Diagnosis; Vicarious Trauma; Self-Care; Conflict Resolution; Suicide by Cop; PTSD Signs and Symptoms; Veteran Encounters and Interactions; Homeless Outreach; Department Policy and Procedures; Intellectual Disabilities; Spectrum Disorders; and Substance Use and Mental Health. CIT is supported through the leadership of the Police Commission, SFPD Command Staff, The Mayor’s Office on Disability, SF District Attorney’s Office, SF Public Defender’s Office, Office of Citizen Complaints, SF Mental Health Board, mental health advocates, health service providers and community members.

Protocols for CIT call responses are covered in Department Bulletin 14-143 Response by Crisis Intervention Trained Officers, (See Attached) and San Francisco Division of Emergency Communications Training Bulletins, TB11-031 and TB14-013

Numbers of SFPD officers who have received CIT training?

Total currently employed SFPD members trained from November 2011 through December 2018: 990

Breakdown of members:

  • Deputy Chiefs = 1
  • Commanders = 1
  • Captains = 4
  • Lieutenants = 42
  • Sergeants = 221
  • Officers = 703
  • Total Sworn Personnel = 972
  • Public Service Aides (Airport) = 12
  • Public Service Aides/Non-Sworn (Field Operations Bureau) = 6

Number of active patrol officers who have received CIT training?

  • Sworn Personnel = 972
  • Non-Sworn = 18

In addition we have trained and certified members from the following agencies:

San Francisco City Attorney's Office, San Francisco District Attorney's Office - Investigators, Department of Emergency Management (DEM), Department of Public Health (DPH), San Francisco Fire Department (SFFD), University of San Francisco (USF) Police Department, University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Police Department, San Francisco Park Rangers, United States Park Police, Federal Police Department, Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), California Highway Patrol (CHP), Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Police, San Diego Police Department.

Documents associated with CIT

Department Bulletins

Use of Service and Support Animals by Persons with Disabilities PDF icon SFPD-DepartmentBulletin-11-204.pdf

Operation Outreach Protocol for Processing Homeless Property “Bag & Tag” PDF icon SFPD-DepartmentBulletin-12-085.pdf

Reporting and Investigating Suspected Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse DB PDF icon SFPD-DepartmentBulletin-12-165.pdf

Response to Mental Health Calls with Armed Suspects PDF icon SFPD-DepartmentBulletin-13-120.pdf

Procedure for Booking “CONREP” Arrestees PDF icon SFPD-DepartmentBulletin-15-043.pdf

Avoiding the “Lawful but Awful” Use of Force PDF icon SFPD-DepartmentBulletin-15-106.pdf

Transporting Persons Who Use Mobility Devices PDF icon SFPD-DepartmentBulletin-15-146.pdf

General Orders

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Response to Person in Crisis Calls for Service PDF icon SFPD-DGO-5.21-CIT.pdf

Psychological Evaluation of Adults PDF icon SFPD-DGO-6.14.pdf

Psychological Evaluation of Juveniles PDF icon SFPD-DGO-7.02.pdf

Critical Incident Evaluation and Notification PDF icon SFPD-DGO-8.01.pdf

Hostage and Barricaded Suspect Incidents PDF icon SFPD-DGO-8.02.pdf

Senate Bill

Senate Bill No. 11 Peace Officer Training: Mental Health PDF icon SFPD-SenateBill11-100315.pdf


Lt Mario Molina
Crisis Intervention Team Coordinator
Email: mario.molina@sfgov.org