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Police Commission Minutes

June 4, 2014

JUNE 4, 2014                                                                                      REGULAR MEETING

                The Police Commission of the City and County of San Francisco met in the Northern District, City Hall, Room 400, #1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, in San Francisco, at 5:30 p.m.


PRESENT:             Commissioners Mazzucco, Turman, Marshall, DeJesus, Chan, Loftus, Hwang


(Commissioner Turman arrived at 5:35 p.m.  DeJesus arrived at 5:40 p.m.)


                Commissioner Mazzucco welcomed the audience and explained that although the meeting is at City Hall, this is a district community meeting since last week’s meeting was cancelled.  Commissioner Mazzucco announced that tonight’s meeting will be adjourned in honor of Officer Hector Basurto and Officer Steven Ferraz.


                The Commissioners welcomed the audience and introduced themselves.



-              For the meetings of March 26, 2014, April 2, 2014, May 7 and 14, 2014


                Motion by Commissioner Hwang, second by Commissioner Marshall. 

Approved 6-0.



-              Request for approval to accept gift of $200.00 from the Hession/Siragusa            Family for the SFPD Tactical Unit Floral Fund


                Motion by Commissioner Marshall, second by Commissioner Loftus.  Approved 6-0.




APPROVAL TO ACCEPT GIFT OF $200.00 FROM THE HESSION/SIRAGUSA FAMILY FOR THE SFPD TACTICAL UNIT FLORAL FUND                                                                                   


                RESOLVED, that the Police Commission hereby approves the request of the Chief of Police to accept gift of  $200.00 from the Hession/Siragusa Family for the SFPD Tactical Unit Floral Fund.


                AYES:     Commissioners Mazzucco, Turman, Marshall, DeJesus, Loftus, Hwang



a.            Chief’s Report

-              Review of recent activities


                Chief Suhr addressed the audience and updated the Commission on crime rates including the number of homicides to date is 9 as compared to 45 in 2008.  The Chief also talked about the Major City Chiefs and the California Hostage Negotiators Conference and spoke of the recent arrest of Mr. Chamberlain.


                Commissioner Mazzucco commended and thanked the four officers involved in the arrest of Mr. Chamberlain.


b.            OCC Director’s Report

-              Review of recent activities


                Director Hicks addressed the audience and explained the duties and responsibilities of the Office of Citizen Complaints.


c.             Commission Reports

-              Commission President’s Report

-              Commissioners’ Reports


                Commissioner Mazzucco reported regarding OIS investigation backlog and the wait for the closeout from the District Attorney’s Office.  Commissioner Mazzucco stated that there were 22 pending OIS cases and that he spoke with DA Gascon and that DA Gascon said that he will reassign the pending cases to other ADAs and, since then, nine cases has been closed and that the cases are now down to 13 open cases.


                Commissioner Marshall commended the Chief for his article in the USF magazine and he went on to talk about his interview of Officer Johnson about his journey to Ghana, Africa.  Commissioner Marshall asked that the Commission invite Officer Johnson and the kids to a commission meeting to talk about their trip.


d.            Commission Announcements and scheduling of items identified for consideration at future Commission meetings


                Inspector Monroe announced that the next meeting will be on Wednesday, June 11th at City Hall.  Inspector Monroe announced that the 25th of June will be in the Richmond District, Presidio Middle School, 450 30th Avenue.




                Captain McEachern described the Northern District’s demographics and spoke of police activities in the Northern District.




                Ace Washington discussed concerns in Western Addition and discussed concerns about being disrespected in the Northern Station.

                David resides in the Lower Polk and discussed concerns regarding problems in the Dubois Triangle and commended Captain McEachern for addressing their concerns in the neighborhood.

                Michael Cameron, Tenderloin resident, discussed concerns about drug problems in the area and how parents are afraid to take children in a park that is right on the borderline of Tenderloin and Northern.  He asked that the Tenderloin and Northern Police to come together to make the area of O’Farrell and Larkin safe for the kids to play.  He gave the Commission a petition.

                Unidentified (through an interpreter) spoke in regards to the area of Larkin and O’Farrell Streets and discussed concerns and asked that the district station captains work with the community to deal with the problem and asked the Commission’s help to work with the police as to what can be done to improve the district in order for a cleaner, safer life style.

                Captain McEachern stated that he spoke with Captain Cherniss and that they would like to meet with the community to address the problem. 

                The Chief also stated that he will put together a special operation to pair up Tenderloin and Northern to that location.

                Emil Lawrence spoke of working with HUD and asked that the community meetings be out in the community and suggested that the police districts match the voting districts.

                Jakkee Bryson spoke in regards to problems getting access into City Hall because the doors are locked at 5 p.m.

                Greg Bartani, Japantown, spoke of Momagic stickers and reported that auto boosting is down and that things are improving in the community and stated that they would like to work with SF Safe and would like beat cops for the community.

                Margarita, Latin Voice, (through an interpreter) stated that she’s lived in the Tenderloin for a long time and asked for the help of the Commission to help the Larkin Street neighborhood to improve the area.

                Thomas Simpson, Africa American Art Complex, discussed working with kids and focusing on young black youths about education, gangs, police and spoke of an event on August 16th and how the kids feel safer with gangs than with police.

                Barbara Growth spoke of concerns and investigation of the probate department.

                Unidentified showed a video of a lady allegedly holding a pot of hot oil and that he called the police and discussed concerns why the officers did not make any type of arrest.




                The meeting is adjourned in honor of Officers Hector Basurto and Steven Ferraz who recently passed.


                Motion by Commissioner Marshall, second by Commissioner Loftus.  Approved 6-0.


                Thereafter, the meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m.




                Inspector John Monroe


                San Francisco Police Commission






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