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Police Commission Minutes

June 25, 2014

JUNE 25, 2014                                                                                    REGULAR MEETING

                The Police Commission of the City and County of San Francisco met in the Richmond District, Presidio Middle School, 450 30th Avenue, in San Francisco, at 6:15 p.m.


PRESENT:             Commissioners Mazzucco, Marshall, Loftus, Hwang

ABSENT:               Commissioners Turman, DeJesus


(Commissioner Marshall arrived at 6:20 p.m.)


                Commissioner Mazzucco welcomed the audience and asked the Commissioners to introduce themselves.  Commissioner Mazzucco also welcomed Supervisor Mar and introduced Patrol Special Alan Byard.


                Supervisor Mar addressed the audience.



a.            Chief’s Report

-              Review of recent activities


                Chief Suhr addressed the audience and gave a quick overview on the state of crime in the city.  The Chief reported on homicide numbers, property crime, an arrest made in regards to human trafficking and the rescue of a 15 year old from a life of human trafficking.  The Chief also spoke of recent retirements and the retirement of Officer Michael Rivera who ran the Wilderness Program.  The Chief announced that Officer Rivera will be back as a volunteer to run the program.  The Chief also spoke of running the Torch Run and spoke of the upcoming Pride Parade.


b.            OCC Director’s Report

-              Review of recent activities


                Director Hicks addressed the audience and explained the duties and responsibilities of the Office of Citizen Complaints.  Director Hicks also introduced Sr. Investigator Sherry Hicks.  Director Hicks also gave an update on complaints received.




                Captain Silverman described the Richmond District’s demographics and spoke of police activities in the Richmond District.                




                Peter thanked the Commission for having this meeting and thanked the Captain for preparing the statistics for the audience.  He spoke of families moving out of the city and the concern for crime around the city.  He also spoke of his concern of graffiti in the area.  He also thanked the Captain for his newsletter.

                Diane Derosis, Ocean Beach Condominiums, commended and appreciates the Richmond Station officers for their work around the area and thanked Officers Raymond Chew, Kenneth Weems, Matthew Jew, Eric Mayer, Tyler Dove, Bryan Campbell, Tobias Moore and Officer Rose Castro and Officer Manderbill and former Captain Ferrigno and former Captain Corriea.

                Ken Flower, Ocean Beach Condos, commended the Department and the Richmond District officers for their work.  He also spoke of the Safeway across the street because of folks that hangout in front of Safeway after coming from sleeping in the park.

                Ms. Paulette Brown spoke in regards to the homicide of her son back in August of 2006.  Ms. Brown showed and read the names of individuals involve.  She asked for help and for closure to help close her son’s case.

                Margie Hom Brown commended the Richmond Police Station staff and spoke of an incident in Santa Barbara and asked if the officers are trained to investigate incidents involving individuals with mental health problems. (document submitted)

                Deputy Chief Tomioka described the CIT program and talked about the duties of CIT trained officers. 

                Donna Parker thanked the officers of the Richmond District Station and hopes that Captain Silverman stay longer as captain of Richmond Station.  She went on to thank Chief Suhr.  She went on to discuss concerns regarding traffic issues and intersections on Park Presidio where the light does not change to a “Walk” if button is not pressed and why it does not have an automatic “Walk” light.  She stated that there needs to be a standard so people can go across the street without pressing the button.

                Steve, Richmond resident, thanked Captain Silverman for his neighborhood meetings and concerns of traffic safety on Fulton and 30th and beyond and requested the Commission to write Mr. Riskin and Board in regards to daylight issues for crosswalks.

                Anne, 31st Avenue resident, commended the Captain for the Street Smarts Program.

                Emil Lawrence spoke in regards to lieutenants in district stations and spoke of Special Police and suggested increasing special police especially in districts like the Richmond.

                Juicy Edmund spoke of street safety and spoke of Pride Month.

                Tim, District One Advisory Committee, commended Captain Silverman for his work with the Advisory Committee and asked drivers and pedestrians to look right and left before crossing the intersection and encouraged officers to use their turn signals.


                Chief Suhr announced that the arsonist has been arrested and thanked the public for their help.


c.             Commission Reports

-              Commission President’s Report

-              Commissioners’ Reports


                No report


d.            Commission Announcements and scheduling of items identified for consideration at future Commission meetings


                Inspector Monroe announced that the next meeting will be on Wednesday, July 2nd at City Hall. 




                Motion by Commissioner Mazzucco, second by Commissioner Loftus.  Approved 4-0.


                Thereafter, the meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.





                Inspector John Monroe


                San Francisco Police Commission






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