January 27, 2016 Meeting #1

Notes from January 27, 2016 Community Input Meeting #1

Recommendations for DGO 5.01, Use of Force and DGO 5.02, Use of Firearms:

Force Options:
• Officer should know what type of force to use
• Get Tasers
• Use of a firearm should be the last resort
• Consider using sleeping agents
• Consider changing the policy on using firearms
• Use less lethal force
• Get shields

• Use persuasion before using force
• Assess the situation before taking action
• Officers should be calm
• Build rapport
• Take time to deal with an incident

Sanctity of Life:
• Treating suspects as people
• Look at the person as bigger than what the moment is

Recommendations on Training/Other policies:

Training Components:
• Increase the amount of training (notes were not specific as to what training)
• Train officers on other tactics they can use
• Train on de-escalating and not starting with arrest
• Train officers on tactics that don’t require the use of their firearms
• Train officers to be less aggressive
• Train officers to have a better understanding of the situation before taking action
• Training should include intense situations

• All information about incidents involving use of force should go to the Police Commission
• Officers should be punished for their actions

Other Ideas:
• More police presence in the community
• Officer should increase the friendly contact they have in a community
• Officer should have better attitudes and not be rude
• The community needs more opportunities to learn about police policies and procedures
• More events with the police and the community; town hall meetings
• Officer should come to community events without uniforms