Police Commission - March 10, 2021 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
March 10, 2021 - 5:30pm


                The Police Commission of the City and County of San Francisco met via videoconference at 5:39 p.m.

                PRESENT:             Commissioners Cohen, Elias, DeJesus, Hamasaki, Brookter, Yee

                Commissioner Cohen welcomed newly appointed Commissioner Larry Yee.

                Commissioner Cohen recognized International Women’s Month and acknowledged  women  in service and in the Department.  Thank you for your service.


                Ben Paul, Wealth & Disparities in the Black Community, invited everyone to a community meeting on Friday at 1 p.m. at Mendell Plaza in regard to violence in the community and discussed concerns about SFPD’s lack of community policing and of SFPD placing a mobile outpost in the Bayview.

                Jean Bridges, Wealth & Disparities,  spoke in regards  California Partnership’s presentation addressing gun violence which disproportionately affects Black San Franciscans. She also spoke of gaps in services as contributing factors to the violence experienced by District 10 residents and hopes for discussions about  moving funds from the Police Department and the Sheriff’s Department and other agencies toward quality of life services toward the Black community.

                Susan Buckman, Wealth & Disparities, invited the commissioners to attend the Friday community meeting to address recent Bayview shootings.  She also spoke of over policing in arrests,  traffic stops and use of force incidents.

                Kit Hodge, Wealth & Disparities, spoke regarding the Bayview community and how there is disproportionate over policing in the Bayview and invited the Commissioners to Friday’s meeting in Mendell Plaza.

                Brenda spoke of how her friend’s son was murdered by the police and what is the Department going to do with the way her friend was treated by the Department.

                Maesha called in regard to having two African-American sons and spoke of harassment from undercover gang task force officers by searching and taunting and what is being done as she is very concerned for her sons’ safety.

                Ben Saunders, Wealth & Disparities, talked about how the Bayview is in crisis and is getting worse and what intervention is provided to the community.

                Karen, Public Defender’s Office, looking forward to seeing the reports tonight and hoped to learn what the next steps are.

                Ms. Paulette Brown called in regard to her son, Aubry Abrakasa, whose murder is still outstanding and spoke of the stereotyping of her son as being a gang member.  She went on to name the people responsible for her son’s murder.

                David Aronson, Wealth & Disparities, hopes that everyone will join the community meeting on Friday at Mendell Plaza.  He went on to talk about recent shootings in the Bayview and hopes that funds from the Department, Sheriff’s Department, and other departments be moved for the Black communities.

                Unidentified spoke to inquire of DPA and to schedule another mediation, if needed, as well as the protocol that follows when a mediated agreement is not met or complied with.

                Cheryl Thornton spoke of funding from the Police Department and other city departments to re-invest in Black communities.

                Commissioner Cohen acknowledged Supervisor President Shaman Walton who is also the District Supervisor for District 10.

Chief’s Request

-              Weekly crime trends

-              Major/Significant Incidents                

                Chief Scott reported on crime trends:  Part 1 Violent Crimes:  Homicides are up 75 percent; robbery, down 32 percent.  Property Crimes:  burglary, up 57 percent; auto burglary, up 18 percent.  The Chief spoke of community policing and getting the public involved in community policing, increasing awareness and increasing resiliency.  The Chief also spoke of a fatal traffic collision at Mission and Geneva on March 2nd, a vehicle versus a pedestrian where an elderly sustained head trauma and succumbed to her injuries.  Armed robberies:  Decreased in armed robberies and the Chief spoke of increasing visibility and deployment at Twin Peaks.  He spoke of local news crew who was robbed of camera equipment in the Twin Peaks area on March 3rd.  The camera equipment was recovered, and investigation is ongoing.  Major event:  The Chief stated that the Department will be involved in the meeting at Mendel Plaza and is working with Supervisor Walton’s on his safety plan.  The Chief talked about the Community Liaison Officers and what they do.  They reach out to families, offer support, and year-to-date, have been involved and reached out to family of 37 families.  The Chief also talked about outreach to the Asian Pacific Islander communities like the safety walk.  The Chief reported on Stunt Driving and three incidents that occurred over the weekend.  The Stunt Driving Unit responded and were able to diffuse the incident very quickly  The Chief also reported on vaccinations of officers and stated that over 150 members have been vaccinated.    

                Commissioner Cohen asked if the Chief could survey the officers if they have received their vaccinations. 

                Commissioner Yee asked the Chief to contact him in regard to outreach to the Asian Pacific Islander communities.

                Commissioner Hamasaki asked if there is a report that the public can see on Community Policing.  The Chief explained that the Department does have a Community Policing Strategic Plan and it can be found on the Department’s website.

                Commissioner Brookter asked about uptick of gun violence and what is the strategy to get guns off the streets.  The Chief stated that gun buybacks is one way to get a large number of guns off the street and enforcement is also a part of it along with community policing.


Taken out of order

                President Shamann Walton addressed the Commission and gave a high-level overview of what the plan are for the Bayview to keep the community safe and presented the District 10 Public Safety Plan.

                Chief Scott gave a brief overview of the California Partnership for Safe Communities Report.               

                Mr. Vaugn Crandall presented the California Partnership for Safe Communities Report.



Taken out of order

                Assistant Chief Redmond gave a brief overview and started the presentation of the Bayview Public Safety Strategy.  Present with Chief Redmond are Captain Dangerfield, Captain David Maron, Deputy Chief Greg McEachern, Commander Dan Perea, and Director Tiffany Sutton.

                Arturo Carrillo, Program Director, along with Robert Newt, Bayview Supervisor, and Guy Hudson, Crisis Response Manager, presented the SF Street Violence Intervention Program Report.

                Chief Scott thanked SVIP for the work that they do and stated that SFPD appreciates the work that they do and hopes that the City of San Francisco appreciates the work that they do because they save lives.


                Ben Saunders, Wealth & Disparities in the Black Community, expressed appreciation for SVIP for the work they are doing in the community.  He went on to expressed concerns regarding the California Partnership report and focusing on just putting everything on a number of individuals attracting violence and not on personal individual situations.

                Francisco Dacosta asked the Commission to look into two cases and spoke how there are no groups in the Bayview but there are sects and spoke of how he has not seen officers in the trenches and spoke of how there are homeowners who do not want to live in the Bayview and spoke of community violence.               

(The Commission recessed at 9:00 p.m. and reconvened at 9:07 p.m.)

DPA Director’s Report

-              Report on recent DPA activities, and announcements               

                Director Henderson gave an update on year-to-date stats: 1401 cases opened cases and closed 135 cases year to date; 327 pending cases; 9 cases sustained; 36 cases past 270 days; 2 cases mediated; 32 cases pending with the Chief; 13 cases pending with the Commission.  Outreach:  Can be found on  community calendar on the DPA’s website and posted on Tweeter, Facebook, Instagram and on DHR’s website.  Met with representatives from the Transgender Initiatives to discuss outreach with DPA and the LGBT community;  On March 4th, met with Mega Black and made a presentation focused on educating communities of color with empowerment opportunities;  met with Inter- Agency Outreach focused on agencies and departments that do community outreach; met with Mega Black Dreamers Initiative meetings. 

                Commissioner Elias asked Director Henderson for a presentation regarding DPA’s Mediation Program specifically the qualifications for mediation program, how long it takes, and what the relationship is between if they engage in mediation, what it does to the 3304 deadline.  Director Henderson stated that anything that gets referred to mediation, if it is not completed within the 30 days, it falls out of mediation and goes through the regular course to avoid the 3304.

Youth Commission’s Report

-              Report on recent activities

                Gracie Veiga talked about recent activities in regard to restorative justice.

                Adrianna Zhang presented the anti-Asian hate crimes and invest in multiracial community health and safety resolution.

Commission Reports

-              Commission President’s Report

-              Commissioners’ Reports

-              Commission announcements and scheduling of items identified for consideration at future Commission Meetings.

                Commissioner Cohen stated that, after the Bayview strategy presentation, she is trying to figure out how the commission can take it a step further and stated that she is considering a community forum and will possible agendize in the future.

                Commissioner Elias thanked Commissioner Cohen for the Bayview presentations.  She asked for a Gang Task Force presentation.

                Commissioner Yee introduced himself and gave a background about growing up, living, and working  in San Francisco. 






                Motion by Commissioner Elias, second by Commissioner Brookter, to go into Closed Session.  Approved 6-0.               

CLOSED SESSION ( 9:39 p.m. – 9:47 p.m.)

CONFERENCE WITH LABOR NEGOTIATOR – COLLECTIVE BARGAINING.   This item is for the Commission to meet in closed session with their labor negotiator and provide direction for bargaining with the SFPOA.  The POA is not permitted to attend this closed session meeting.

Pursuant to Government Code Section 54957.6 & SF Administrative Code Section 67.10(e):

City Negotiator:  LaWanna Preston, SFPD Labor Relations Director

Organization representing Police Officers:  SF Police Officers Association

Anticipated Issues Under Negotiation:  SB 1421 Protocols

(Present:  Commissioners Cohen, Elias, DeJesus, Hamasaki, Brookter, Yee, Chief Scott, Assistant Chief Moser, Deputy City Attorney Cabrera, Director Preston, Sergeant Youngblood, Sergeant Reynolds, Risa Tom, Phillip Lohaus, Isabelle Choy)

PERSONNEL EXCEPTION.  Pursuant to Government Code Section 54957(b)(1) and San Francisco Administrative Code Section 67.10(b) and Penal Code Section 832.7:

Status and calendaring of pending disciplinary cases

(Present:  Commissioners Cohen, Elias, DeJesus, Hamasaki, Brookter, Yee, Chief Scott, Assistant Chief Moser, Sergeant Youngblood, Sergeant Reynolds, Risa Tom, Phillip Lohaus)

OPEN SESSION ( 9:47 p.m.)


                Motion by Commissioner Elias, second by Commissioner DeJesus  for non-disclosure.  Approved 6-0.




Thereafter, the meeting was adjourned at 9:49 p.m.