Special Investigations Div: Hate Crimes

Hate Crimes Unit

The San Francisco Police Department's Hate Crimes Unit was formed in December 1990, as a result of a resolution passed by the Board of Superviors, in 1988, mandating the creation of such a unit.

There are presently two full time investigators assigned to the unit, whose primary functions are:

  • Investigation of reported criminal hate crime incidents.
  • Interaction with community based organizations concerned with Civil Rights issues.
  • Investigations of civil bias motivated complaints and possible referral to the City Attorney's Office
  • Provide training to law enforcement officers in the area of Bias Motivated crimes.

The San Francisco Police Department was instrumental in the formation of the Bay Area Hate Crime Investigator's Association. This association, founded in 1991, is unique in that it is comprised of officers from law enforcement agencies in the 9 bay area counties, as well as representatives of CBO's. Members interact to reach a common goal of riding communities of bias related crimes.

The San Francsico Police Commission and Chief of Police have continued to make hate crimes a priority in this city. This has done much to insure the citizens of San Francisco that the police department is committed to meeting the special needs of victims of hate violence.


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Hate Crimes Unit
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