Use of Force Documents

DGO 5.01 – adopted 12/21/16

DGO 5.01, Use of Force, dated 10/13/16 , for discussion and possible action on 12/21/16 regular meeting of the Police Commission

Commission Response to POA Use of Force video

Draft version DGO 5.01 dated 06/22/16 for meet and confer

DGO 5.01 Use of Force version 3 dated 06/22/16

DGO 5.01, Use of Force, versions 2a and 2b

Use of Force Presentations to the Commission

Summary of differences between versions 1 and 2 – DGO 5.01 and Special Operations Bureau Order – Conducted Energy Devices

05/30/16 Use of Force draft policies

DOJ Memorandum and Feedback

Use of Force Stakeholders' written submissions

05/02/16 Stakeholder Comments on Use of Force Draft Policies

3/21/16 Use of Force draft policies

3/17/16 Use of Force draft policies

3/9/16 Use of Force draft policies

2/10/16 Use of Force Policies:

Community Input Session: SFPD Use of Force Policy Event:

Department General Order for Use Of Force

Department Bulletins on Use Of Force

SFPD Use of Force Training

PERF Report on Use of Force Training