Once Intern Applications have been received, Project Pull staff will verify that all required documents have been included and are complete.  Students will be notified of their application status in April-May. (Dates are subject to change).

Project Pull interns will work a maximum 20 hours per week.  Interns will work in a designated City department under the supervision of a full-time City employee (Mentor).  Their mentor will assign various tasks and special projects designed to teach the intern more about the mentor's career and department's functions.  The overall goal of the internship is to provide the students with hands on experience and exposure to their field of interest. The interns will learn what department they are assigned upon acceptance into the program.

The Enrichment Activities give the interns a chance to interact with their peers and are designed to enhance the overall internship experience. Enrichment Activities are scheduled every Friday, four (4) hours a day and one (1) Saturday during the eight (8) week program.  Although Enrichments do not occur on the jobsite, they are a part of the Project Pull Internship Program and participation is required.  At this time, the 2020 Enrichment Activities have yet to be determined, however; Intern Mixer, Design Competition Kick-Off, Scavenger Hunt and Debate Competition Presentation are standard enrichments.  There will also be at least one (1) enrichment activity dedicated to community service.  Previous activities ranged from tours of Transbay Terminal, AT&T Park, SFO, USS Pampanito Submarine and CBS Radio Station (Alice Radio, KCBS, Live 105 and Movin' 99.7) to college and professionalism workshops.

Interns will also participate in the annual Debate Competition (Formerly the Design Competition).  The students will be broken up into small groups and will work to research, plan, interview people based on guidelines set forth by the Team Leaders.  They will then debate in front of a panel of professionals in diverse career fields that will listen, judge and designate the winners.