Project Pull Team Leaders are the primary point of contact for the program’s student interns. Team Leaders are the liaison between the interns, mentors (full time City employees) and Project Pull Director.  Team Leaders maintain a caseload of 25-50 interns and mentors and are responsible monitoring and supporting both during the internship.  Team Leaders will also serve as a “role model,” display professionalism and diligence at all times.
  • Assist in the facilitation of enrichment activities including pre-employment training and special event
  • Collect and verify timesheets in preparation for payroll processing and distribute paycheck
  • Complete reports regarding program activities
  • Coordinate relationship between interns and mentors; and assist in organizing worksite experience
  • Create program annual report at culmination of the program
  • Monitor interns and provide administrative support to both interns and mentors
  • Other duties as assigned
Project Pull Mentor Assistants complete assigned projects and tasks from designated departments; providing direction and support to youth program participants within same department; program-related communications with staff and intern partners; recording youth program-related data; assist with implementation of youth program related events and strategies.  Performing duties as required.
  • Assist City agencies in assigned divisions, completing projects or other designated tasks
  • Assist staff with youth interns placed in same departments; will provide direction and supervision of high school interns
  • Teach new skills to youth interns, as designated by skillsets
  • Support worksite mentors and other staff interacting with youth program participants; will act as liaison
  • Assist with programmatic data recording and reporting
  • Assist with planning, coordination, and quality control for fieldtrips/site tours, program events, and other classroom, project, and field-based youth program experiences